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KVM over IP HAT for RPi 4 earns over $560K on Kickstarter

Sep 20, 2021 — by Eric Brown 5,206 views

[Updated: Sep. 21] — On Kickstarter for only three more days: a $145, open source “PiKVM” HAT kit for the Raspberry Pi 4 that offers KVM over IP capabilities for remote management and repair of computers.

A KVM over IP HAT for the Raspberry Pi has surpassed $560,000 in Kickstarter pledges. Developed over the last six years by a Delaware based startup led by developer Max Devaev, the PiKVM kit is available for $145 through Sep. 24 and ships in October.

KVM over IP devices are non-intrusive, hardware-based products for in- and out-of-band network access to connected servers and workstations. These Keyboard Video Mouse remote access and repair devices claim to enable remote access into systems running any OS.

PiKVM with Raspberry Pi 4 (left) and kit components
(click images to enlarge)

When combined with the Raspberry Pi 4, the PiKVM “allows you to turn on/off or restart your computer, configure the UEFI/BIOS, and even reinstall the OS using the Virtual CD-ROM or Flash Drive,” says the KS page. There is “no dependency on any remote ports, protocols or services.” Applications are said to include accessing a hung computer while on vacation, managing a server farm, easier remote access for home NAS or cybercurrency mining systems, and repairing friends’ remote computers, among others.


The PiKVM, which we saw on Geeky Gadgets, is considerably cheaper than most KVM over IP solutions, which typically range from about $800 to over $2,000. Other touted advantages include the open source GPLv3 licensing and use of open web standards.

Unlike many solutions, the device stack provides a “super fast” video streaming server, called µStreamer. The application can stream MJPG video from any V4L2 device to the net and claimed to achieve 100–150 milliseconds latency for 1080p MJPEG video and 100–250 ms for H.264.

PiKVM detail view (left) and legend
(click images to enlarge)

The PiKVM offers accessories including a custom-designed ATX controller adapter card for connecting to any ATX-like board. “Once connected to the motherboard LED and switch connectors, you will be able to manage the computer power supply through hardware (using the ATX controller) or via software/AP,” says the KS page. Other kit components include a USB Type-C bridge, 2x MIPI-CSI2 cables, 16 jumping wires, and brass standoffs and screws.

The PiKVM provides a custom Linux distribution, a bootable virtual CD-ROM and flash drive, and support for video and audio capture. Other features include a real-time clock, a PWM fan controller, and a USB serial console port.

You can either use a remote keyboard and mouse or a web browser simulation of a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. The device provides a simulation for “insert & eject” for USB devices, and control of GPIO and USB relays. There is extensible authentication and SSL encryption, health monitoring of the Pi, and support for IPMI BMC, IPMI SoL, Redfish and Wake-on-LAN.

Further information

The PiKVM is available on Kickstarter through Sep. 24 for $145, and volume discounts are available. If we are understanding the KS page correctly, there is also a limited-edition package with the same price that also includes a metal case. 3D print files are available for printing your own plastic case. More information may be found on the Kickstarter page.

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2 responses to “KVM over IP HAT for RPi 4 earns over $560K on Kickstarter”

  1. remus says:

    KVM standard for Keyboard Video Mouse…

  2. Jeff Child, Editor in Chief, Linuxgizmos says:

    Thanks remus. We have made the correction.

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