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Kura-based Linux IoT framework adds multi-cloud support

Oct 10, 2016 — by Eric Brown 1,987 views

Eurotech released v4.0 of its ESF IoT framework, adding multi-cloud support, and it spun a new ReliaGate 20-25 gateway with Yocto instead of Red Hat.

Eurotech’s commercial Everyware Software Framework (ESF) was one of the first IoT frameworks to tie together device, gateway, and cloud components. It formed the basis for the open source Eclipse Kura project. Now, the company has released version 4.0 of this open source Java/OSGi middleware, which is based on Kura. The updated framework allows a single gateway to be simultaneously connected to multiple cloud platforms.

ESF runs on Eurotech devices like the TI Sitara based ReliaGate 10-11 and Intel “Bay Trail” Atom-based ReliaGate 20-26. The latter has been re-released as a ReliaGate 20-25 model that uses Yocto Project rather than Red Hat Linux (see farther below).

ESF 4.0 gateway architecture (left) and diagram showing IoT ecosystem connections
(click images to enlarge)

According to a Eurotech rep, the software can also be used on other systems or boards “as long as the hardware is open,” and it supports the Raspberry Pi. Presumably, though, most non-Eurotech customers would instead use the fully open source Kura.


The key new feature in ESF 4.0 is the ability to use a single gateway to simultaneously connect to multiple cloud platforms in addition to Eurotech Everyware Cloud. Other supported cloud platforms include Amazon AWS IoT, Oracle IoT Cloud Service, Microsoft Azure IoT, and IBM Watson IoT Platform, says Eurotech.

The new release also adds WiFi Dual Mode Support for wireless modules that can operate simultaneously as an access point and as a station. In addition, ESF 4.0 adds support for a terminal server/client function, enabling the remote access and configuration of a gateway’s serial port using a TCP connection.

ESF adds to the basic Kura stack with advanced security, diagnostics, provisioning, remote access, and full integration with Everywhere Cloud. The framework supports x.509 certificates, thereby providing strong mutual authentication between devices and remote servers and IoT cloud platforms.

ReliaGate 20-25
(and 20-26)

ReliaGate 20-25

Eurotech recently released a ReliaGate 20-25 IoT gateway that now supports ESF 4.0. The hardware appears to be identical to the recent, Intel “Bay Trail” Atom-based ReliaGate 20-26, including the options for cellular, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth radios. However, the new model offers a custom Yocto Project Linux 1.6 stack (or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise) instead of the 20-26’s Red Hat-based “Project Kapua” stack.

The new ReliaGate 20-25 also provides an SDK with Yocto-based Eclipse Tooling. Kapua is based on Kura, as well, but uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7, as well as Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio and other Red Hat software.

Further information

ESF 4.0 is available now. More information may be found at Eurotech’s ESF product page. More on the ReliaGate 20-25 gateway may be found here.

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