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IDE supports embedded Linux development within Windows

Jan 10, 2019 — by Eric Brown 990 views

Timesys’ TimeStorm IDE 5.3.2 adds support for embedded Linux development within Windows 10. Other new features include Python target debug and custom bootloader support and a streamlined, Git-based workflow.

Timesys’ Yocto Project driven TimeStorm Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for embedded Linux has been upgraded to a version 5.3.2 release that adds Windows 10 support as a development platform. It also features a Windows installer developed by Timesys. The Pittsburgh based company is known for its free, web-based LinuxLink development platform and security software including a recent Threat Resistance Security Technology (TRST).

The new TimeStorm release “provides Windows 10 OS users with an already familiar development environment, making it easy to create embedded Linux products within a Windows environment,” says Timesys. Some embedded developers prefer Windows or are forced to use it by their employers. Others have used Windows to develop microcontroller unit (MCU) based devices, but are now migrating to embedded Linux, says the company.

TimeStorm IDE (left) and the full slate of Timesys services
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TimeStorm IDE 5.3.2 “autodiscovers available Yocto SDKs, accelerating product creation while hiding the complexity of Linux development,” says Timesys. “It uses the same Yocto SDK under Linux and Windows host OSs, eliminating any potential issues related to using different toolchains on different host OSs.”


Other new features include the addition of Python target debug support, which joins the previous C++ support, as well as a TimeStorm U-Boot utility for developing custom bootloaders. Workflow has been streamlined using Git source code management and makefiles, offering easier integration with in-house continuous integration systems.

Further information

TimeStorm IDE 5.3.2 is available now at an undisclosed price. By signing up for a free LinuxLink account, you can also sign up for a 30-day free evaluation license for TimeStorm. More information may be found in Timesys’ TimeStorm IDE 5.3.2 announcement and TimeStorm product page.

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