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Horseshoe shaped Arduino clone has an OLED display and lots of LEDs

Nov 1, 2017 — by Eric Brown 1,081 views

[Updated Nov. 2] — On Kickstarter: the “DevDuino” is an Atmega32U4 based Arduino clone with an OLED display, microSD and micro-USB links, and optional breadboard and WiFi.

Created by French developer Alexandre Pailhoux, the DevDuino is an Arduino compatible with a U-shaped PCB that lets you add mezzanine shields on the bottom using male headers. Other standout features on this breadboard friendly board include a 1.3-inch 128 x 64 OLED display (SSD1306 controller) as well as a numerous LEDs. The DevDuino is available on Kickstarter through Dec. 1 for 37 Euros ($43) or 59 Euros with accessories.

DevDuino closeup of OLED display (left) and with an ExtensionBoard and StripBoard
(click images to enlarge)

The DevDuino starts with a 16MHz ATMEGA32U4 MCU with 2.5KB SRAM and 32KB flash. There’s also a microSD slot, temperature sensor, an RTC with battery slot, and a micro-USB port.

DevDuino and its accessories
(click image to enlarge)

Interfaces include 5x analog inputs and 17x GPIOs (3x buffered), both with accompanying LEDs. Other LEDs include dual power LEDs and LEDs linked to a reset pin and serial interfaces. Two more LEDs are designed for a “dark environment.” There’s also a 2-wire voltmeter, a power switch, and a push button wired to an interruption input.

DevDuino with wireless module

The accessories in the 59-Euro package include WiFi and Bluetooth modules, a 1GB microSD card, a 3V battery, and a micro-USB cable. There’s also a breadboard with 830 tie-points. An 87 Euro ($113) package gives you all the accessories along with a choice of colors.

Seeed DevDuino
Sensor Node v4.0

Interestingly, we uncovered another, unrelated, “DevDuino” product line that was introduced by Seeed Studio in 2013 and 2014. Seeed’s Arduino compatible “devDuino sensor nodes” are wireless-enabled, ATmega328-based modules that have built-in temperature and humidity sensors and support further sensor expansion by means of the company’s Grove modules. That said, the current DevDuino Kickstarter campaign’s owner informed us in an email that he has secured the and domain names for use by his project.


Further information

The DevDuino, which as of this post’s latest update has reached 97% of its $9,305 Kickstarter goal, starts at 37 Euros ($43). Delivery is expected in early December directly after the campaign’s Dec. 1 cutoff date. More information may be found on the DevDuino Kickstarter page.

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