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High reliability embedded database targets Android devices

Mar 30, 2013 — by Rick Lehrbaum 526 views

ITTIA is now supporting Android-based embedded systems and devices with its lightweight embedded database. ITTIA DB SQL for Android is said to provide advanced data management capabilities, including transactions, scalable indexing, shared access, and runtime SQL queries.

While maintaining compatibility with the interfaces and classes of the android.database package from Android API level 3 onward, ITTIA DB SQL for Android provides adds enhanced capabilities that mitigate risks by protecting, organizing, and sharing data, according to the company.

ITTIA’s view of the various risks to data
(click to enlarge)

Key features of the ITTIA DB SQL embedded database, as listed by the company, include:


  • Replication — enables the sharing of information between redundant resources to improve reliability, fault-tolerance, or accessibility.
  • Concurrency — allows tasks to be performed by a single application with multiple threads or instances, multiple applications on a device, or even remote applications across a network.
  • Row-level locking — provides automatic row-level locking, with isolation levels to protect shared access, letting multiple threads concurrently access and modify different rows in the same database.
  • In-Memory Storage — uses algorithms specifically tailored for high performance, such as T-tree index, when tables are created in memory storage. Like disk tables, memory tables are shared between threads and can participate in replication.
  • Security — supports file storage encryption that protects data on internal and removable media from theft. When replication exchanges data with a back-end system, the connection can be protected by SSL/TLS encryption and SCRAM authentication.

For further information on ITTIA DB SQL for Android and embedded Linux, visit the company’s website. A whitepaper on the product is available here (requires registration).

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