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Here’s who won 26 SBCs in our annual Hacker SBC Survey

Jul 3, 2017 — by Rick Lehrbaum 2,124 views

The 26 winners randomly picked from the 1,705 participants in our annual Hacker SBC Survey have now been confirmed. They’re located in 12 countries.

After randomly selecting 26 names from all of the participants in the recently concluded 2017 Hacker SBC Survey that we cosponsored with the Linux Foundation’s community site, we can now reveal the list of boards awarded to each. We have obfuscated the names to protect their privacy, but they’ll know who they are, and will now see which boards they won.

The prizes in this year’s Hacker SBC Survey include several BeagleBone models, including the new BeagleBone Blue robotics kit. Other giveaways include the Qualcomm-backed DragonBoard 410c, the Gumstix Pepper DVI-D, the Intel-backed MinnowBoard Turbot Quad-core, and several Aaeon UP board models. We’ve also included one popular non-Linux board, the Arduino Uno WiFi.

Top left to bottom right: Arduino Uno WiFi, BeagleBone Blue, Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c, Gumstix Pepper DVI-D, Intel MinnowBoard Turbot Quad-core, Aaeon UP, and Aaeon UP Squared.
(click each image for board details)

Here’s the list of winners and their countries, organized by SBC supplier:


  • Aaeon UP — Shreesh M. (India), Marko M. (Serbia), Amiri G. (US)
  • Arduino — Jonathan J. (US), Fouzai A. (Tunisia), Gustav S. (Sweden), James M. (US), Jeff K. (US)
  • — Daniel H. (US), Joseph P. (Germany), Robert C. (US), Bill D. (US), Lloyd A. (UK)
  • Gumstix — Rusty R. (US), Kevin R. (US), Steve F. (US), Brad A. (US)
  • Intel — Michael A. (US), Jiri K. (Czech Republic), Ashar F. (Indonesia), Jason W. (UK)
  • Qualcomm — Silvio R. (Italy), Jim C. (US), Timothy W. (Canada), Christopher B. (US), Roberta D. (Romania)

Congratulations everyone! Feel free to share your impressions of the boards you receive in the comments area below. Note: in the case of the BeagleBone and UP boards, specific models will be assigned randomly by the board supplier to their set of recipients.

Thank you to the SBC suppliers and survey participants!

Once again, we want to express our gratitude to Aaeon, Arduino,, Gumstix, Intel, and Qualcomm for collectively donating the 26 SBC prizes for this year’s Hacker SBC Survey. Additionally, we want to thank the 1,705 survey participants who took a few minutes to help us collect this valuable data regarding the hacker SBC market.

Consult the “2017 Hacker SBC Survey References” listed in the box below for detailed information about the 98 boards in the survey, and detailed analysis and numerous graphs of the results of the survey.


2017 Hacker SBC Survey References


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25 responses to “Here’s who won 26 SBCs in our annual Hacker SBC Survey”

  1. Shreesh Manasvi says:

    Feeling awesome to win! Eagerly waiting, so eager that I mailed Rick to bother him and ask about shipments… sorry for the trouble, just take it as my excitement . . . cheers . . .

  2. Marko M. says:

    I’m so glad to see my name on this list, and I just want to say very, very big thanks to you all. It would be most beautifull hardware in our ham radio club. 73, Marko, YU1SAT, Ham Radio Club Aleksinac, YU1AEE, Serbia

  3. Timothy Webster says:

    I am delighted and looking forward to using the Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c as a Zephyr Project teaching tool at Vancouver Hackspace Society. Vancouver Hackspace Society is an associate member of the Zephyr Project.

  4. LinuxGizmos says:

    Gumstix says their boards have shipped via UPS and should be delivered within one week. Check back here for further updates.

  5. LinuxGizmos says:

    Aaeon Europe says they emailed each of UP board winner a “coupon code” for ordering “a free UP board and free shipping” from the UP Shop. The email probably originated from either an or email address. Please check your spam if you have not received it by now.

  6. LinuxGizmos says:

    Arduino informed us that the shipping details for the winners of their boards were forwarded to their shipping department on July 3. Check back here for further updates.

  7. LinuxGizmos says: has informed us that they are “out of town this week and will send boards next week.” Check back here for further updates.

  8. LinuxGizmos says:

    Qualcomm has informed us that the shipping details for DragonBoard 410c winners have been forwarded to the distributor (Arrow) who will be shipping the boards. Check back here for further updates.

    • robertadobrescu says:

      Hi! Did anyone receive their DragonBoard 410c? Any news from the distributor? Looking forward to getting my board, but I haven’t received any update besides the initial email. Thanks!

      • LinuxGizmos says:

        Update: We just received word from Qualcomm that Arrow, their board distributor, has confirmed that all the Qualcomm SBC prizes have been shipped.

        • robertadobrescu says:


          Still no news about my board. I talked to Arrow support, but they didn’t seem to know anything about this. They couldn’t check my order status just by name, they need an order number for this. Can you help me track the shipment somehow? I was really excited about winning the board and I really want to receive it. Thanks a lot!

  9. LinuxGizmos says:

    Intel has informed us that the shipping details for their board’s winners have been sent to their “order fulfillment” group as of this week, so the SBCs should be going out soon. Check back here for further updates.

  10. Daniel H says:

    Received my new BeagleBone Blue today. Very very happy. Thank you LinuxGizmos, and thank you

  11. James M says:

    Eagerly waiting on the Arduino!

    • LinuxGizmos says:

      We checked with Arduino, and they said that their Uno WiFi boards were temporarily out of stock, and are due to begin shipping again in the next couple of weeks! Sorry about the delay.

  12. Shreesh Manasvi says:

    Waiting for Aaeon emails. Anyone heard from them?

    • LinuxGizmos says:

      Aaeon said that they emailed each UP board winner a code for ordering their UP boards free (including shipping) around July 14, so you should have received it last week. Please check your spam in case it ended up there.

  13. Shreesh Manasvi says:

    Thanks to [email protected] and Marko M. as well. Received email on 24th July 2017. Sorry for late updates as I was out and was not able to access communication devices for couple of day. Very happy to see the mails. Thanks to all who took the effort for the same. Will be placing the order hopefully today. Just one query: should I go for adapter from aeeon as well or can I use any regular power adapter with same specs… i have heard that up boards are a bit hungry when it comes to power. . . never used one till now so if possible , , , please drop replies . . . Again thanks to all. Cheers! :)

  14. Shreesh Manasvi says:

    Received my aeon up board a couple of days ago. Sorry for communicating late. Now waiting for the PSU for the same. I have purchased separately. Customs took around 2grand so yeah that part sucks in my country but rest all good. Hope everybody gets their board soon. Cheers!!!

  15. Silvio R. says:

    Still waiting for the board, though admittedly I’d have completely forgotten about it hadn’t I bookmarked this page:) Should I consider it lost?

    • LinuxGizmos says:

      Thanks for asking! I contacted Qualcomm after seeing your comment, and they are checking on the status of the prizes they sent out. I’ll post an update here by next week.

      • Marko M. says:

        If any one want, I will give my prize number for UP board… some things happened, I don’t have money to buy it. If any one want send me email to [email protected]

      • Silvio R. says:

        It arrived today!
        BTW, the power supply has a US plug. Not a problem as it supports EU voltage/frequency and I should have either an adapter or other power supplies anyway, just to let the packager know.

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