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Hacker friendly LapPi laptop kit runs on Raspberry Pi 3B+

Oct 19, 2018 — by Eric Brown 4,398 views

SB Components is Kickstartering a Raspberry Pi based “LapPi” laptop kit with 7- or 5-inch screens, keyboard, camera, speakers, and 3800mAh battery, starting at $220 with an RPi 3B+ or $178 without.

SB Components has successfully funded its DIY LapPi kit on Kickstarter, and packages are available through Nov. 10 with December delivery. The company is known for its PiTalk smartphone and other Raspberry Pi add-on kits, which are available as options.

LapPi 7-inch in blue (left) and LapPi 5-inch in red with external speakers
(click images to enlarge)

The DIY kit follows other Raspberry Pi based laptops such as the Pi-top and the education-focused Kano Computer Kit Touch. Like the Pi-top, the LapPi has an exposed bay above the keyboard where you can access Raspberry Pi HATs and other add-ons. All components are removable and customizable, and they can be used with other projects for the Raspberry Pi or other hacker boards.

The screen is smaller than with the 14-inch Pi-top or 10.1-inch Kano kit. You can choose between 7-inch, 1024 x 600 or 5-inch, 800 x 480 screens, which are embedded into the underside of the clamtop lid. The transparent acrylic sheet laptop case is the size of a standard laptop, however. This provides room for a full-size wireless keyboard with touchpad, available in two sizes, as well as access bays for hardware hacking.

LapPi 5-inch (left) and 7-inch kit components
(click images to enlarge)

You can buy the kit with a Raspberry Pi Model 3B+ included or else bring your own Pi — any full-size, 40-pin model will do. Basic packages include a 3800mAh battery, screen, keyboard, official Pi Camera v2, and pair of 8Ω5W speakers. You also get a 5V DC 2.5A power supply with regulated input of 100V to 240V AC, a 16GB, as well as a preloaded SD card, a manual, a micro-USB cable, and an HDMI flat cable and plug adapter. Five color choices are available.


This basic kit is offered in the following packages:

  • 5-inch, no Pi — 137 Pounds ($178)
  • 7-inch, no Pi — 167 Pounds ($217)
  • 5-inch, RPi 3B+ — 169 Pounds ($220)
  • 7-inch, RPi 3B+ — 199 Pounds ($259)

LapPi 5-inch (left) and 7-inch models with closed case
(click images to enlarge)

Other packages include a Phone Kit with an RPi 3B+ and the PiTalk add-on board. The PiTalk board includes a 40-pin RPi header, micro-USB port, audio interfaces, and analog pins. There’s also a SIM card slot, antenna connector, and a 3G cellular module with support for voice, data, and SMS. The Phone Kits go for 229 Pounds ($298) or 259 Pounds ($337), depending on whether you get the 5- or 7-inch display.

LapPi with PiTalk (left) and PiRelay
(click images to enlarge)

Finally, there’s a Mega Shield Pack, which looks like a great deal since it appears to provide everything in the Phone Kit, including the PiTalk, as well as three other SB Components RPi add-ons: the PiRelay automation shield, the PiCube 4x4x4 LED cube, and the PiTraffic LED stand for indicating GPIO status. The Mega Shield Packs go for 269 Pounds ($350) or 299 Pounds ($389), depending on screen size, with both packages including the RPi 3B+ SBC.

LapPi with PiCube (left) and PiTraffic
(click images to enlarge)

Further information

The LapPi is available on Kickstarter through Nov. 10 with December delivery, starting at 137 Pounds ($178). More information may be found on the LapPi Kickstarter page and SB Components website.

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