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Gumstix adds Arduino support for Curie-based boards designed with Geppetto

Apr 1, 2017 — by Eric Brown 853 views

Gumstix added Arduino IDE support to its Geppetto design service for boards based on the Intel Curie. It also shipped a Curie-based “Radium 96BIE” SBC.

Last September, Gumstix unveiled two single board computers based on Intel Joule and Curie modules, and built to 96Boards CE and the new, MCU-oriented 96Boards IE (IoT Edition) form-factor specifications, respectively. The Curie-based 96Boards IE compliant Radium 96BIE board is now available for $75, and Gumstix has also added Arduino IDE support for designing similar Curie-based boards in its Geppetto D2O custom board design and manufacturing service.

Radium 96BIE, front and back
(click images to enlarge)

By adding Arduino IDE support for the Curie’s Quark SE MCU, both Arduino and Intel x86-oriented designers can use Geppetto to “rapidly design and manufacture small form-factor expansion boards for their wearables, IoT and robotic devices in minutes,” says Gumstix. “We are excited to support the Arduino community with a rapid, low cost and simple hardware design-to- order platform,” stated Gordon Kruberg, Gumstix CEO.

Designers can start with the Radium 96BIE design to prototype or create their own Curie-based custom expansion board design. During the free design process, users can compare alternatives for features and costs, create multiple projects, and share ideas, and then go straight from a design to an order in one session, says Gumstix. Custom BSPs and documentation are available with orders, and production quality boards are shipped in 15 business days. The initial manufacturing cost is $1,999, with discounts for quantity orders and repeat board spins.

Sample MAV controller board design within Geppetto based on Intel Curie and incorporating Arduino 101 support
(click image to enlarge)

To demonstrate the Arduino-on-Curie functionality, Gumstix has developed and posted specs for a tiny Arduino 101 compatible micro-drone, or MAV, controller board based on the Curie (see image above). Controlled via Bluetooth Low Energy, the board includes PWMs, ADCs, on-board barometer, and an expansion header for an optional Pre-GO GPS module. It also includes an RGB light sensor for overhead obstruction detection.

A handful of Intel Curie modules

The Intel Curie’s 32MHz Quark SE chip offers a full Intel x86 instruction set architecture, as well as the Pentium support found on earlier Quarks. It’s supported by the open source Zephyr, among other RTOSes. The Intel Curie is further equipped with 80KB of SRAM, 384KB of flash, BLE, and a 6-axis IMU.

Radium 96BIE detail views
(click images to enlarge)

The Radium 96BIE extends the module with the 30-pin 96Boards IE expansion connector, as well as a USB Type-C port, a micro-USB port for console access, and an FTDI FT232RQ USB/UART interface. There’s also a U.FL connector for the BLE radio. The board’s DC power is supplied through the USB Type-C port.


Further information

The Geppetto D2O Arduino IDE support for Intel Curie is available now. The Radium 96BIE board is available for $75. More information may be found at the newly redesigned Geppetto site, including this page showing pin mapping between the Curie module and the Arduino IDE. Also, check out the Radium 96BIE shopping page.

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