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Embedded Linux dev kit supports Intel's 3rd Generation Core CPUs

Mar 13, 2013 — by Rick Lehrbaum 646 views

Wind River has added support for Intel’s 3rd generation Core processors to its embedded Linux distribution and tools suite. The added Core processor support comes in the form of an integrated hardware/software Embedded Development Kit (EDK) bundle.

Wind River describes Wind River Linux 5 as a hardened embedded Linux distribution, with advanced tools and a rich partner ecosystem. As a combination of ready-to-use hardware and software, the company’s new EDK is intended to accelerate the development of devices based on the 3rd Generation Core processors.

Additionally, Wind River Linux 5’s compatibility with the Yocto project is clailmed to produce improved cross-platform compatibility and component interoperability, and reduced costs for software changes and maintenance. Claimed advantages of Yocto compatibility, as listed by Wind River, include…


  • BitBake, the industry-standard open source build system that combines kernel, packages, and patches and easily cross-builds them via the GNU cross-toolchain
  • Build-system layers that provide a powerful mechanism for software and middleware encapsulation and separation
  • Broad set of user-space packages and cross-build recipes
  • Multiple BSPs with a common format available through the Yocto Project repository

“The use of standardized high-quality infrastructure, tools, and methodology helps decrease the complexity and increases the portability of Linux implementations,” states Wind River. “This open standard environment helps developers more easily create and maintain their own custom Linux distributions that can run across multiple hardware architectures and support different market segments.”

Founded in 2010, the Yocto Project calls itself a collaboration among hardware and software companies intended to bring “order to the chaos of embedded Linux development.” The project provides templates, tools, and methods “to help you create custom Linux-based systems for embedded products regardless of the hardware architecture.”

Further information on the new Core i5-3610ME Processor and Mobile Intel QM77 EDK may be found on Intel’s website, here. In addition to supporting Intel processors, Wind River also offers BSPs (board-support packages) for ARM, MIPS, and PowerPC processor architectures.

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