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Dig into IoT with 41 OpenIoT Summit presentations

Apr 14, 2016 — by Eric Brown 1,534 views

Slide decks from 41 OpenIoT Summit talks are now online, from sessions including AllSeen, Brillo, mBed, Iotivity, Tizen, Weave, Zephyr, and IoT security.

Last week, we pointed you to 50 slide decks released by the Linux Foundation from the Embedded Linux Conference (ELC), held in San Diego in April 4-6. Now, the non-profit Linux advocacy organization has released 41 more slide presentations, this time from the inaugural OpenIoT Summit track co-located with ELC.

Maybe IoT has an interoperability framework interoperability problem? Slide from Affinegy session showing IoT frameworks, with more consumer-focused projects on the left and more industrial on the right
(click image to enlarge; source: Affinegy)

There’s a wealth of valuable info in these 41 slides, with plenty of techno-stuff that’s new to us, and perhaps to you to. This is especially true of microcontroller-based Internet of Things boards and operating systems, which we are beginning to explore as a consequence of the growing proliferation of IoT devices. Clearly, there’s a lot more to IoT than Linux-based home automation hubs and Raspberry Pi’s.

Here’s a quick look at three topics covered in the OpenIoT Summit slide decks linked to farther below:


  • Iotivity — The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) was announced in February, built upon the earlier Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) and its Iotivity IoT connectivity framework. The OpenIoT Summit featured several Iotivity sessions, including a keynote from the OCF’s Mike Richmond. Meanwhile, Samsung’s Phil Coval showed how to combine Iotivity with Tizen, and Affinegy CTO Art Lancaster discussed “AllSeen Alliance, AllJoyn and OCF, IoTivity — Will We Find One Common Language for Open IoT?” The Affinegy presentation includes a mind-boggling graphic showing all the competing and overlapping IoT interoperability efforts vying for our attention (see above).

  • Brillo/Weave — The lightweight, Android-based Brillo OS for IoT, as well as the related Weave networking protocol, may be Google-driven projects, but they’re also open source, and they count numerous tech companies among their contributors. Intel, which is building an Edison Kit for Brillo, sent its Brillo Architect, Bruce Beare, to the OpenIoT Summit to provide a two-part introduction to both Brillo and Weave. Beare offered an overview of the technologies, compared Brillo with the Yocto Project based Ostro distribution for IoT, and compared Weave to Iotivity. He also discussed hardware options, including the Edison kit, an expansion kit for Intel’s MinnowBoard Max, and Aaeon’s Up board. Part two’s “Deep Dive” delved into Brillo HAL details and Weave sensor interactions, and offered a number of coding examples.

  • Zephyr — Intel Security Researcher Constanza Heath offered up a “Zephyr Project Security Update” presentation, one of many sessions at the OpenIoT Summit that proposed various solutions for the growing challenge of securing IoT devices. Before digging in to security, Heath provided an interesting overview of the Linux Foundation’s Zephyr open source, MCU-focused RTOS for IoT, and included several architecture diagrams we haven’t seen before (see image below). There were also separate sessions on a Zephyr overview and Zephyr power management. As for security, the chief solution is a new Tinycrypt sub-project from Intel Labs that offers a much smaller footprint than cryptographic libraries like OpenSSL.

Zephyr architecture (left) and security architecture from OpenIoT session by Intel Security Researcher Constanza Heath
Source: The Zephyr Project
(click images to enlarge)

Below are links to the slides (in PDF format) from 41 of the OpenIoT Summit talks. Click each presentation’s title to download its slides.

Change the World With IoT and the Peer Web
by Matthew Podwysocki
The Future is Proximal — Why Cloud Fails IoT
by Noah Harlan
Zephyr Project Security Update
by Constanza Heath
Evolving a Best-of-Breed Framework for IoT
by Greg Burns
AllSeen Alliance, AllJoyn and OCF, IoTivity — Will We Find One Common Language for Open IoT?
by Art Lancaster
Avoid the Silos and Help Build the True Internet of Things
by Aaron Vernon
Migrating your IoT application from RTOS to embedded Linux (lessons learned)
by Aaron Nevarez
The future of IoT education — Our journey in teaching IoT
by Alexandru Radovici
Intelligence at the Edge. Embracing the data flood
by Andrzej Wieczorek
Going Beyond the Device Heart Beat
by Balwinder Kaur
IoT Consensus — A solution suggestion to the 'Baskets of Remote' Problem
by Benedikt Herudek
Location Services — Finding the People in the Internet of Things
by Brad Kemp
Brillo/Weave Part 2: Deep Dive
by Bruce J Beare
Brillo/Weave Part 1: High Level Introduction
by Bruce J Beare
Scalable Protocol Design Supporting Millions of Simultaneous Connections
by Bryant Eastham
IOT Open Platform Security Vulnerabilities
by Chris Kocks
Implementing Miniature Smart Home
by Constantin Musca
The Impact of IPv6 and the IoT on Smart Home Technology
by Corey Gates
Hello, Brillo
by Dave Smith
Cryptography basics for embedded developers
by Eystein Stenberg
Handling Top Security Threats for Connected Embedded Devices
by Eystein Stenberg
I2C hacking demistified
by Igor Stoppa
Considerations for Building Enterprise Grade IoT
by Ishu Verma
uVisor Debugging facility improvements for ARM mbed
by Jim Huang
Embedded Programming for IoT
by John Light
Developing IoT solutions with ODL
by Lionel Florit
Bridging open IoT with legacy systems
by Matt Newton
Understanding the Thread Interface of Google's Nest Devices
by Michael E Anderson
Technical Tradeoffs of IoT Platforms
by Michael E Anderson 0
100% Open-Source Development for the Cortex-M
by Michael E Anderson
Bringing intelligence to IoT devices — Challenges faced and Solleta approach
by Otavio Busatto Pontes
An IoT OS Security Architecture that is so boring that you can sleep soundly at night
by Patrick Ohly
Automating your home with Home Assistant: Python’s answer to the Internet of Things
by Paulus Schoutsen
How to use IoTivity on Tizen OS
by Phil Coval
Building your world in WebVR
by Rabimba Karanjai
Linux and Real-Time Java for IoT
by Randy Rorden
Designing and Building for End-to-End Solutions
by Shivakumar Mathapathi
6LoWPAN: An Open IoT Networking Protocol
by Stefan Schmidt
Introduction to IoT.js
by Tilmann Scheller 0
JavaScript and Distributed IoT Computing
by Wolfgang Mauerer 1 views-row-odd views-row-last”>
IoT provisioning with Web NFC
by Zoltan Kis

Further information

The North American Embedded Linux Conference and OpenIoT Summit slide shows are posted at this Linux Foundation events page. Videos from the keynotes should follow in the coming weeks.

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