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DietPi October 2023 news

Oct 28, 2023 — by Giorgio Mendoza 570 views

DietPi v8.23 which was released this past week, introduced a variety of enhancements, specifically targeting devices like Raspberry Pi, ROCK5B, ROCK 4, and VisionFive 2, alongside several notable improvements and many bug fixes.


DietPi is a lightweight and optimized OS based on Linux, specifically designed for single-board computers and small-scale devices. It aims to provide a minimal and efficient environment for running various applications and services while consuming minimal system resources.

These are the October updates for DietPi v8.23:



  • Raspberry Pi On Debian Bookworm and above, the RPi APT repository will be migrated to its new Bookworm suite. This solves issues and should enhance performance with FFmpeg, Kodi and some other A/V software, where we used the Debian packages with less hardware support before. The packages should be upgraded automatically on DietPi update. Please report back if you experience any issues during this process.
  • ROCK 5B Added an option to dietpi-config “Advanced Option” to flash the SPI bootloader, which enables USB and NVMe boot for DietPi images.
  • ROCK 4 Added an option to dietpi-config “Advanced Option” to flash the SPI bootloader, which enables USB and in case NVMe boot for DietPi images. Note that not all ROCK 4 models ship with an onboard SPI storage. DietPi-Config will check for it, in case, apply a related device tree overlay and suggest a reboot. If after the reboot an SPI device has still not been found, your board seems to have none. Report back if this is definitely wrong.
  • VisionFive 2 A major kernel upgrade to Linux 6.1 will be applied, including the needed configuration files to read and write the U-Boot environment, and a generic default environment. This allows booting from all filesystems of all partitions of all storage media, including NVMe SSDs, USB, eMMC, SD cards and DHCP/TFTP. This was necessary since the default environment of the latest StarFive U-Boot release does not support booting from any other than FAT filesystems on partition 3 anymore. It is hence necessary to apply our default environment before updating the SPI bootloader. After the DietPi update and a reboot, run fw_setenv to do that. Afterwards you can use this command and fw_printenv to edit the environment, including the boot_targets variable to define boot targets and priorities. Additionally this release will apply device tree overlays to enable 8 GB RAM and A revision Ethernet support. As this is a major change, we recommend a dietpi-backup or even an image backup. 
  • DietPi-Software | Firefox Enabled the software option for RISC-V, since Debian provides packages now. But do not expect good performance, as GPU-acceleration is missing.
  • DietPi-Software | ADS-B Feeder The uninstall has been hardened to rule out the removal of unused Docker images which were not created by ADS-B Feeder. Furthermore, beta tags are now correctly shown in the version string. 
  • DietPi-Software | DietPi-Dashboard Experimental support for RISC-V has been added. Note that this will be an alpha build with alpha versions of certain dependencies, required to compile on RISC-V. Hence this is not suitable for production usage, which basically applies for RISC-V and the VisionFive 2 in general.

Bug fixes:

  • Raspberry Pi Resolved an issue where the /dev/serial* symbolic links were missing if binutils was not installed, which broke Bluetooth support among other things.
  • Sparky SBC Resolved an issue where our current image was not booting because the old initramfs did not support new ext4 filesystem capabilities. 
  • DietPi-Tools | DietPi daily cron Resolved an issue where daily APT update checks failed if daily DietPi update checks were disabled.
  • DietPi-Tools | DietPi-DDNS YDNS has been added to the list of natively supported DDNS providers.
  • DietPi-Tools | DietPi-Config Resolved an issue where the WiFi channel selection was not possible with 5 GHz mode enabled.
  • DietPi-Software | motionEye Resolved an issue where motionEye failed to build on Bullseye systems since piwheels currently have no wheel for the latest Pillow version.
  • DietPi-Software | frp Resolved an issue where the frp client could not connect to the frp server, because of missing spaces around the equal sign for the token setting in /etc/frp/frpc.ini.
  • DietPi-Software | Home Assistant Resolved an issue where the install failed on ARMv6, ARMv7 and RISC-V systems, since new build dependencies are required.

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Further information

For further details about the DietPi v8.23 release, visit the DietPi Release Notes page.

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