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DietPi March 2024 news (version 9.2)

Mar 20, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 214 views

DietPi, a lightweight and optimized software for single-board computers, has announced its latest update, version 9.2, released on March 16th, 2024. This new release introduces a range of enhancements and bug fixes, focusing on improving user experience and system stability.


DietPi is a lightweight and optimized OS based on Linux, specifically designed for single-board computers and small-scale devices. It aims to provide a minimal and efficient environment for running various applications and services while consuming minimal system resources.

These are the March updates for DietPi v9.2:



  • NanoPi R4S Image Enhancement: This update brings significant improvements to the NanoPi R4S image, enhancing its performance and stability.
  • DietPi-Tools | DietPi-Banner: Now shows current RAM usage, a useful addition for monitoring system performance. Credits to @Andr3Carvalh0 for this implementation (MichaIng/DietPi!6844).
  • DietPi-Software Improvements:
    • Enhanced usability: dietpi-software list can now run concurrently with other instances and as a non-root user.
    • Gogs/Gitea Support: Enhanced for SSH repository usage, with default setups now including necessary user configurations.

Key Bug fixes:

  • NanoPi R4S: An issue with the Ethernet adapter disappearing after a soft reboot has been resolved.
  • DietPi-Globals: Fixed a bug where concurrent script detection prevented script start.
  • DietPi-Tools | DietPi-Config: Resolved Wi-Fi and HDMI audio issues on Raspberry Pi systems, including a conflict with full KMS display driver.

Specific Software Fixes:

  • PaperMC: Installation issues of Geyser and Floodgate plugins due to changed URLs and config syntax have been addressed.
  • Nextcloud: An issue with MIME type serving of assets in the updated Nginx config was resolved, with a backport to v9.1.
  • Home Assistant: Fixed a problem with core integrations on x86_64 and ARMv8 systems lacking a C++ compiler.
  • IceCast/DarkIce and LXQt: Addressed service start failure and installation issues on specific systems.

DietPi logo
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Further information

DietPi continues to emphasize performance and stability enhancements in each release. For more details and a complete list of updates, users can visit DietPi’s GitHub page to view all the changes in release 9.2.

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