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Compute module and SBC showcase Cortex-A7/M4 processor

Jul 22, 2019 — by Eric Brown 2,275 views

[Updated: July 25] — Emtrion’s “emSBC argon” SBC is powered by an “emSTAMP-Argon” module that runs Linux or Android on a dual-core Cortex-A7 STM32MP157 SoC and offers dual CAN ports.

Germany-based Emtrion has posted a product page for a compute module and SBC equipped with the new STM32MP1 system-on-chip from STMicroelectronics (ST). Like the Renesas RZ/N1D SoC that powers Emtrion’s SBC-RZN1D, the STM32MP1 on Emtrion’s emSTAMP-Argon module combines a pair of 650MHz Cortex-A7 cores with a Cortex-M MCU, in this case a 209MHz Cortex-M4. Unlike the monolithic SBC-RZN1D, the emSBC argon SBC is a sandwich-style product that integrates the emSTAMP-Argon module using an edge-castellated “stamp hole” interface.

emSTAMP-Argon (left) and STM32MP1 SoC models
(click images to enlarge)

The 35 x 35 x 4mm module, which was announced in early March, and was covered recently along with the emSBC argon on CNXSoft, is available in either STM32MP157A or STM32MP157C models, both of which add dual FD-CAN support and a Vivante 3D GPU that supports OpenGL ES 2.0 and up to WXGA (1280×800) at 60fps video. The optional STM32MP157C version adds a hardware crypto chip with TRNG, tamper, secure boot, and TrustZone support. Other STM32MP1-based boards include Kontron’s SOM-STM32MP157 module, Arrow’s 96Boards-style Avenger96 SBC, and i2SOM’s new PanGu SBC.

Spec list for emSTAMP-Argon and emSBC argon (left) and emSTAMP-Argon block diagram
(click images to enlarge)

Both Linux and Android BSPs are provided. The Linux BSP is likely based on ST’s a new “mainlined, open-sourced” OpenSTLinux distro with Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded underpinnings. The Cortex-M4 chip is supported by an enhanced version of ST’s STM32Cube development tools which have been modified to also support the Cortex-A7 cores.

Emtrion is also offering the open source jailhouse Linux-based partitioning hypervisor for virtualization applications. In addition, the module supports PROFINET, EtherCAT, and EtherNet / IP real-time protocols.


The emSTAMP-Argon module is equipped with 512MB DDR3L, 8MB QSPI-NOR flash, and an eMMC socket that supports up to 64GB. (The emSBC argon SBC is loaded with 8GB eMMC.)

The 5V-powered module is equipped with a Fast Ethernet controller, as well as I/O including 24-bit RGB and dual-channel MIPI-DSI. You also get 2x FD-CAN 2.0, ADC, DAC, PWM, and more, as indicated in the spec list above.

emSBC argon
(click image to enlarge)

The 104.5 x 77.5mm emSBC argon SBC builds on the module with a microSD slot plus 10/100 Ethernet, USB 2.0 host, and micro-USB OTG ports. All the other I/O appears to be on headers and connectors, including a MIPI-DSI interface. There’s also a barrel jack for power.

Both the module and SBC are available in 0 to 70°C and -40 to 85°C models. The module offers long-term availability of up to 15 years.

Further information

The emSTAMP-Argon module starts at 29 Euros ($26) and the emSBC argon board starts at 49 Euros ($44) in individual samples. More information may be found on Emtrion’s emSTAMP-Argon and emSBC argon product page.

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2 responses to “Compute module and SBC showcase Cortex-A7/M4 processor”

  1. Mike says:

    I hate it when companies don’t list there pricing, and make us have to contact them to find out. Just list the price and save us all the time.

  2. emtrion GmbH says:

    Thank you for your interest in our products and services.
    Most of emtrion’s products can be customized. We prefer to refrain from displaying prices, as most of them highly depend on the desired quantity as well as other factors, like RAM and Flash sizes, for example. Thank you for your understanding.
    However, we are pleased to communicate sample prices. The sample price for the emSBC-Argon is 49, – € and the sample price for the emSTAMP-Argon module is 29, – €.
    The emtrion team happily advises you, please do not hesitate to contact us:

    Your emtrion Team

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