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Compact module runs Ubuntu on AMD’s Ryzen Embedded V1000 SoC

Feb 28, 2018 — by Eric Brown 2,670 views

Seco announced an Ubuntu-ready “COMe-B75-CT6” COM Express Type 6 Compact module featuring AMD’s new Ryzen Embedded V1000, and offering support for four simultaneous 4K displays and an optional industrial temperature range.

Earlier this week, we covered Congatec’s COM Express Type 6 Basic (125 x 95mm) Conga-TR4 module, which features the 14nm Ryzen Embedded V1000, AMD’s new successor to the R-Series “Merlin Falcon.” Seco, meanwhile, announced the COMe-B75-CT6 — the first Type 6 Compact module based on the V1000 — sporting the smaller 95 x 95mm Compact form factor.


The COMe-B75-CT6 is the successor to Seco’s Merlin Falcon based COMe-A98-CT6 Type 6 Compact offering. It shares many of the same features, as well as the same optional carrier board and dev kit (see farther below).

Considering its smaller size compared to the Conga-TR4, the COMe-B75-CT6’s feature set is remarkably similar, with only a few minor subtractions. The only major difference we could see is the likely maximum of 16GB of dual-channel DDR4-3200 ECC RAM instead of 32GB. We say “likely” because Seco does not list RAM capacity while every other V1000 product announcement we’ve seen has promoted the 32GB maximum.


Claimed to be up to twice as fast as the R-Series, the Ryzen Embedded V1000 competes with Intel’s similarly 14nm-fabricated Core processors. The SoC offers up to four dual-threaded Zen CPU cores for 8x threads total, as well as high-end Radeon Vega graphics with up to 11 compute units.

Seco offered this take on AMD’s new SoC family: “Thanks to a brand new, high-performance core design and an innovative, high-bandwidth low latency cache system it is capable of implementing simultaneous multithreading (SMT) for high throughput, and ultimately fits multiple scenarios, from medical imaging to casino and arcade gaming, from industrial controls up to premium thin client, digital signage and communications infrastructure.”

The COMe-B75-CT6 supports all four of the V1000 models announced by AMD, including three quad-core, octa-threaded models with burst speeds of up to 3.75GHz, and one dual-core, quad-threaded part. Like the Conga-TR4, Seco’s entry will also support a yet to be released quad-core, quad-threaded V1404i model, with clock rate undisclosed, which has a 15W TDP. The other models offer 12-25W or 35-54W TDPs.

Note that Seco describes the V1404i as being single-threaded, and the other models as being dual-threaded. This may be technically more accurate, but we are adopting the terminology of AMD and most V1000 vendors, which instead refer to the total threads per SoC, not per core.

COMe-B75-CT6 block diagram (left) and V1000 block diagram
(click images to enlarge)

Like the Conga-TR4 the COMe-B75-CT6 supports the V1000’s capacity to drive four 4K displays simultaneously (3x displays with the dual-core V1202B). It similarly provides 3x 4K enabled DDI interfaces (DP 1.3, DVI, or HDMI 2.0/1.4), as well as 4K-ready eDP. As usual, you can swap out the eDP for a touchscreen-friendly, dual-channel 18/24-bit LVDS interface for up to 1920 x 1200 resolution.

The COMe-B75-CT6 provides dual SATA III interfaces, a GbE controller (Intel I21x), and 12 USB ports (4x of them USB 3.0). There’s no mention of USB Type-C, which is supported on the Conga-TR4. You get 5x PCIe Gen 3 (compared to 4x Gen 3 and 4x Gen 2 on the Conga-TR4) and a PEG Gen 3 x8 graphics expansion interface.

The COMe-B75-CT6 is further equipped with HD audio, 2x UARTs, 8-bit GPIO, and single helpings of SPI, I2C, SMBus, LPC, fan, watchdog, and “LID#/SLEEP#/PWRBTN#.” The module runs on 12V (5V optional) power, and like the Congatec module comes in 0 to 60°C and -40 to 85°C models. Passive and active heatspreader/heatsink options are available.

CCOMe-965 carrier (left) and block diagram
(click images to enlarge)

You can plug the module into Seco’s CCOMe-965 Mini-ITX carrier board, which also supports other Seco Type 6 modules such as its earlier R-Series based COMe-A98-CT6 and Seco’s Intel Skylake based COMe-B09-BT6. There’s also a Cross Platform Development Kit that includes the CCOMe-965, along with HDMI and DisplayPort cables, and is said to support ARM-based Type 6 COMs in addition to x86. (See our COMe-A98-CT6 story for more on both these products.)

Seco’s Tegra K1-based

Seco offers only one ARM-based COM Express: the Type 6 Compact COMe-A81-CT6, which runs Linux on Nvidia’s quad-core, Cortex-15 Tegra K1. We’ve seen only a few ARM-based COM Express modules over the years, including Men Micro’s i.MX6 based CC10C.

Further information

No pricing or availability information was provided for the “under development” COMe-B75-CT6. More information may be found on Seco’s COMe-B75-CT6 product page.

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