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Mali-G610 Achieves OpenGL ES 3.1 Conformance

Jul 17, 2024

Collabora recently announced a significant milestone: the Panthor kernel driver and Mesa Panfrost driver have achieved official conformance for OpenGL ES 3.1 on the Mali-G610 chip, part of the 10th generation of Mali GPUs, known as “Valhall”.


DietPi July 2024 News (Version 9.6)

Jul 11, 2024

The July 2024 release of DietPi v9.6 introduces new software, enhancements, and bug fixes to enhance user experience and system performance. This update includes the addition of the IRC bouncer software package soju and several improvements across different devices and features.


Swift on RISC-V: Launch of New Toolchain for RISC-V Hardware

Jun 30, 2024

The Swift programming community has taken a major step forward by introducing the first Swift toolchain for RISC-V hardware, designed to work with platforms like the VisionFive 2 single-board computer.


DietPi June 2024 News (Version 9.5)

Jun 15, 2024

The June 2024 release of DietPi v9.5 introduces exciting new features, significant enhancements, and bug fixes to ensure a more robust and streamlined experience for users of various single-board computers. This version includes the introduction of a new software package, Forgejo, alongside updates tailored to enhance compatibility and performance.


Armbian 24.5.1: Emphasizing Stability & User Experience For Diverse Hardware Platforms

May 27, 2024

The release of Armbian 24.5.1 Havier marks a significant update focusing on stability enhancements and user experience improvements for a variety of supported hardware platforms. This latest version introduces substantial modifications and updates as detailed in an extensive changelog.


DietPi May 2024 News (Version 9.4)

May 13, 2024

The May, 2024 release of DietPi v9.4 brings several enhancements, new system images, and important bug fixes, ensuring a more stable and efficient experience for users of various single-board computers.



unPhone: An Educational Platform Featuring LoRa, WiFi, BT, Touchscreen, and LiPo Battery

Apr 7, 2024

Pimoroni recently featured the unPhone which is an open hardware and open software IoT development platform based on the ESP32 MCU and targeted at makers and developers. Accompanying the device is a free online book, providing theoretical and practical insights into the unPhone’s features.


DietPi March 2024 news (version 9.2)

Mar 20, 2024

DietPi, a lightweight and optimized software for single-board computers, has announced its latest update, version 9.2, released on March 16th, 2024. This new release introduces a range of enhancements and bug fixes, focusing on improving user experience and system stability.


Armbian Project Releases Armbian 24.2 ‘Kereru’

Mar 1, 2024

The Armbian community has recently announced the release of Armbian 24.2, codenamed ‘Kereru’. This update represents the latest development in the Armbian series, a Linux distribution that specializes in running on ARM-based devices. Armbian 24.2 Kereru includes several enhancements and bug fixes aimed at improving the stability and functionality of the operating system.


Collabora’s Recent Advances in Open Source Boot Chains and Vulkan Drivers

Feb 28, 2024

This month, Collabora has announced two significant advancements in open-source technology. Firstly, the integration of the NVK project, an open-source Vulkan driver for NVIDIA GPUs, into Mesa 24.1 marks a major development in graphics driver technology. Secondly, Collabora has improved the boot process for Rockchip’s RK3588 by including an open-source BL31 (Boot Loader stage 3.1) in their Debian images, replacing closed-source binary blobs to enhance transparency and modifiability.


DietPi February 2024 news (version 9.1)

Feb 24, 2024

DietPi’s new release, version 9.1, launched this week, brings exciting new support and enhancements to the lightweight Linux OS. This version is particularly notable for its extended support for the Raspberry Pi 5 and several other single-board computers , along with improvements across various dietpi-software options.


DietPi January 2024 news (version 9.0)

Jan 21, 2024

DietPi’s latest release, version 9.0, rolled out today, marks a significant update for the lightweight Linux OS, renowned for its efficiency on single-board computers. This release phases out support for the older Debian Buster version, introduces compatibility with the new 1.5 GB Orange Pi Zero 3, and brings several enhancements and bug fixes across the board.


Rust Embedded Working Group Announces Embedded-HAL v1.0

Jan 12, 2024

The Rust Embedded Working Group has announced a significant milestone with the release of embedded-hal version 1.0, marking a new chapter in the Rust embedded ecosystem. This release, alongside companion crates like embedded-hal-bus, embedded-hal-async, and embedded-hal-nb, represents a culmination of efforts since 2020 to stabilize and refine the embedded-hal traits.


Gentoo Introduces Binary Package Support

Dec 31, 2023

Gentoo Linux, known for its source-based distribution, has now added support for binary packages, aiming to enhance user convenience and accelerate installations, particularly on slower hardware. While most architectures initially offer binary packages for the core system and weekly updates, amd64 and arm64 users benefit from an extensive library of over 20 GB of packages, including popular software like LibreOffice, KDE Plasma, Gnome, and Docker.