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Compulab incorporates the NXP i.MX8M-Plus SoC to their SO-DIMM flexible design

Apr 8, 2022

The CL-SOM-iMX8PLUS is the latest SO-DIMM System on Module produced by Compulab and which aims to target industrial, medical and image/signal processing applications. This device integrates the i.MX8M-Plus SoC and the CL-SOM SO-DIMM to deliver optimum performance and large connectivity in a compact footprint.   


Nvidia unveils octa-core Jetson Orin NX and ships AGX Orin dev kit

Mar 23, 2022

Nvidia unveiled a scaled-down “Jetson Orin NX” sibling to its high-end AGX Orin module and officially launched its “Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit.” The Orin NX is claimed to offer 3X the performance of the AGX Xavier.

Vortex86 CPUs gain new life with Linux kernel detection and a 3.5-inch SBC

Mar 21, 2022

ICOP announced that its x86 based Vortex86 SoC is automatically detected by Linux 5.16, thereby enabling new non-legacy applications. The company recently launched a 3.5-inch “VDX3-6726” SBC and “VDX3-ETX” module based on the up to dual-core, 1GHz Vortex86DX3.

SiFive raises $175 million after selling OpenFive SoC design unit to Alphawave

Mar 16, 2022

RISC-V IP leader SiFive announced it has raised $175 million in Series F financing from Coatue, which values the company at over $2.5 billion. Earlier this week, SiFive sold its OpenFive SoC design business to AlphaWave for $210 million.

Renesas unveils Linux-driven RISC-V SoC based on an Andes AX45MP core

Mar 3, 2022

Renesas announced a headless, 1GHz “RZ/Five” IoT SoC that runs Linux on Andes’ AX45MP RISC-V core with support for up to 4GB DDR4-1600, 1x or 2x GbE ports, 2x CAN, and 2x USB. A SMARC module is in the works.

Intel’s $1 billion investment in IFS focuses on RISC-V and open chiplets

Feb 7, 2022

Intel announced a $1 billion fund to boost RISC-V, x86, and Arm IP development at Intel Foundry Services and revealed IFS collaborations with Andes, Esperanto, SiFive, and Ventana Micro using RISC-V and “open chiplet” technology. The chipmaker also joined RISC-V International.

Neuropmorphic edge AI accelerator available in $499 mini-PCIe board

Jan 21, 2022

BrainChip has launched a $499 “Akida AKD1000 Mini PCIe Board” equipped with its neuromorphic, event-based Akida neural networking chip for edge AI. The kit comes with BOM and design layout files.

Intel launches 12th Gen Alder Lake mobile H-, P-, and U-series

Jan 5, 2022

[Updated: 12PM] — Intel announced dozens of 12th Gen Alder Lake mobile CPUs with DDR5 and PCIe 5.0, including the up to 14-core, 5GHz Turbo H-series, the mid-range P-series, and 9-15W U-series. There is also a new Linux-driven, RISC-V based EyeQ Ultra autonomous driving chip.

Intel’s Alder Lake-H debuts on Adlink modules

Jan 4, 2022

[Updated: Jan. 5] — Adlink unveiled “Express-ADP” Type 6 and “COM-HPC-cADP” Client “B” modules based on Intel’s recently leaked 12th Gen Alder Lake-H CPUs, featuring 16x PCIe Gen4 and 64GB DDR5. Seco, meanwhile, is prepping a COM-HPC Client “A” module.

AI box PC combines a 10th Gen CPU, dual 2.5GbE and dual PCIe for medical analytics

Dec 13, 2021

IEI’s Linux-ready “HTB-210-Q470 AI Box PC” runs on Comet Lake-S and supplies up to 128GB DDR4, 2x 2.5GbE, M.2 A- and M-key, and PCIe x4 and x16 for Nvidia Tesla T4. Intel plans to phase out Comet Lake-S in 2022.

SiFive adds mid-range Essential 6-Series RISC-V cores, including two Linux-ready models

Dec 8, 2021

SiFive announced a “21G3” release of its RISC-V cores, including a new, embedded focused “Essential 6-Series” featuring the Linux-ready, 64-bit U64 and a similar U64-MC designed for quad-core SoCs.

Two 64-bit RISC-V cores debut: StarFive Dubhe and CAS Nanhu

Dec 8, 2021

StarFive has launched its 64-bit RISC-V “Dubhe” core with up to 2GHz @ 12nm performance plus Vector and Hypervisor extensions. Meanwhile, the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced a similarly Linux-friendly, 14nm RISC-V RV64GC “XiangShan Nanhu” core that also clocks to 2GHz.

Imagination Catapults into RISC-V

Dec 7, 2021

Imagination unveiled four RISC-V-based “Catapult” CPU cores: two 32-bit MCU cores and two 64-bit designs that run Linux, including an automotive functional safety core.

SiFive claims fastest RISC-V core yet with Cortex-A77 like P650

Dec 3, 2021

SiFive has launched a high-end “P650” core for up to 16-core SoCs that features the latest RISC-V Hypervisor spec, one of 15 that were just ratified by RISC-V Int’l. Meanwhile, Andes speeds up its Linux-friendly AndesCore 45MP and NX27V cores.