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COM-HPC module unleashes up to 80-core Arm edge server SoC

Sep 17, 2021

Adlink unveiled a “COM-HPC Ampere Altra” module that runs Linux on a 32- or 80-core, Arm v8.2 based Ampere Altra. There is also an automotive focused “AVA Developer Platform” that supports Arm’s new SOAFEE initiative.

Xilinx unveils rugged additions to Versal ACAP

Sep 13, 2021

Xilinx announced ultra-rugged mil-aero (XQ) and space (XQR) versions of its Arm/Linux-driven, 7nm Versal ACAP SoCs, as well as a Kria Robotics Stack and Vitis Video Analytics SDK for its Zynq UltraScale+ customers.

Module and dev kit debut NXP’s tiny new 16-core LX2162A

Aug 26, 2021

SolidRun’s 58 x 48mm “LX2162A SOM” runs Linux on NXP’s new 16-core, Cortex-A72 based LX2162A and offers 12x SerDes lanes for up to 4x 25GbE or up to 8x PCIe Gen3. A “ClearFog LX2162A” dev kit is also on the way.

SiFive speeds up RISC-V U74 cores as Canaan unveils a 3-TOPS Kendryte K510

Jul 30, 2021

[Updated: Aug. 3] — SiFive announced a 11 percent faster “21G2” release of its Essential 7-series cores, including the Linux-ready U74. In other RISC-V news, Canaan is launching a dual-core, 3-TOPs Kendryte K510 CPU that is debuting on a quadruped robot.

Modules and dev kits expand upon Qualcomm QCS8250

Jul 22, 2021

Thundercomm’s “TurboX C865 SOM” and dev kit and eInfochips’ “EIC-QCS8250-210” Mini-ITX run Android 10 on Qualcomm’s QCS8250, an IoT variant of the Snapdragon 865. We also look at the new QCS4290 and Wi-Fi 6E ready QCS6490 SoCs.

SiFive launches Cortex-A75 like RISC-V core debuting on Intel processor

Jun 22, 2021

SiFive has launched a Cortex-A75 like, RISC-V RV64GC “Performance P550” core plus a lower-end “Performance P270” that adds RVV extensions. The P550 core is being deployed by Intel in a new RISC-V processor.

Safety conscious TI AM64x debuts on $99 dev kit

Jun 16, 2021

[Updated: June 18] —TI’s 16nm Sitara AM64x offers up to 2x -A53, up to 4x Cortex-R5F, and a Cortex-M4F core for FuSa and ships with a Linux SDK and choice of $99 and $299 eval kits. Phytec, SolidRun, and TQ have also unveiled AM64x based modules.

Xilinx unveils Versal AI Edge

Jun 14, 2021

Xilinx announced a 7nm, headless “Versal AI Edge” SoC that runs Linux on dual 1.76GHz Cortex-A72 cores and has dual 750MHz Cortex-R5F cores, flexible, FPGA-like “Adaptible Engines” up to 520K LUTS, and “AI Engine-ML” cores up to 479 TOPS.

Octeon TX2 based module powers new ClearFog networking boards

Jun 9, 2021

SolidRun’s tiny “CN9130 Mini SoM” runs Linux on Marvell’s 2.2GHz, quad -A72 Octeon TX2 CN9130 and powers new ClearFog CN9130 Base and Pro SBCs with up to 5x switched GbE, SFP+, M.2, 2x mini-PCIe, and optional enclosures.

Arm announces first Armv9 cores, including powerhouse Cortex-X2

May 25, 2021

Arm unveiled its first Armv9 cores: Cortex-X2 (16% faster than -X1), Cortex-A710 (10% faster than -A78), and Cortex-A510 (35% faster than -A55), all with at least twice the AI power of their predecessors.

Qualcomm reveals tiny Linux-driven 5G NR chipset for IoT

May 21, 2021

Qualcomm unveiled a “315 5G IoT Modem-RF” chipset designed for industrial IoT. The tiny chipset runs Linux on a 7nm Cortex-A7 core and offers global 5G NR sub-6GHz stand-alone support along with 4G LTE.

SiFive reveals X280 core and AndeSight RISC-V IDE moves to v5.0

Apr 26, 2021

SiFive revealed its RISC-V-based SiFive Intelligence X280 core IP with RVV extensions for AI/ML edge computing. Andes, meanwhile, unveiled its Linux-ready AndeSight IDE v5.0 with new RVP and RVV support.

SiFive Intelligence platform tapped by Tenstorrent and Renesas

Apr 22, 2021

[Updated: 11AM] — SiFive announced that AI chip startup Tenstorrent will license a new 64-bit SiFive Intelligence X280 CPU for its Tensix cores and that Renesas will adopt SiFive Intelligence for its automotive processors.

Nvidia launches TAO software for easier AI model training

Apr 12, 2021

Nvidia unveiled a GUI-based “TAO” framework that eases AI model training for GPU-equipped platforms such as Jetson. There is also an upcoming “Grace” CPU plus improvements to Nvidia’s Jarvis voice agent, Maxine video SDK, and other AI tools.