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BeagleBone Black $15 metal enclosure ships

Jul 12, 2013 — by Eric Brown 8,239 views

[Updated July 12] — Logic Supply is now shipping an enclosure for’s BeagleBone Black open source development board. Selling for $15, the LGX BB100 comprises a plated steel chassis with a multipoint mounting lid that fits BeagleBone Capes, and offers access to USB, microSD, microHDMI, Ethernet, and other ports.

Considering the BeagleBone Black single-board computer (SBC) is priced at $45 — or almost half the price of the original BeagleBone — Logic Supply is gambling that customers will have some money left over for a $15 enclosure.

LGX BB100 open, closed, extended
(click images to enlarge)


Designed for prototyping and development projects, as well as some kiosks and other end-user equipment, the LGX BB100 protects the open source Linux/Android development board with a plated, “scratch-resistant” steel chassis. The enclosure measures 90 x 62 x 21mm (3.54 x 2.4 x 0.82 inches), tightly conforming to the compact SBC’s dimensions.


Because the BeagleBone Black runs on less than 2 Watts, no fan is required. The box is equipped with rubber feet, four enclosure screws, and four wall-mounting screws. The BB100 supports three mounting positions for the lid, supporting compatible “Cape” expansion cards.

On the front of the BB100, access is provided to the board’s USB, microSD, and micro-HDMI ports, and there’s a punchout for the DB9/15 connector. On the back, holes are cut for the Ethernet port, micro-USB port, and the 5V DC power supply. There’s also a 7mm hole for a switch or WiFi antenna.

Oh, and the case also comes in orange (click the image at the right for a larger view).

BeagleBone Black background

The BeagleBone Black is now shipping at $45. Ready to run Linux or Android, the open community board offers a faster processor (Texas Instruments 1GHz Sitara AM3359) and double the RAM of the original BeagleBone. It also adds 2GB of onboard flash and a micro-HDMI port, among other features.

The SBC is manufactured by CircuitCo, and supported with the robust open source community. It ships with an up-to-date Linux 3.8 kernel, complete with Device Tree support, which should ease product development in the future, but will pose some near-term Cape compatibility issues.

The LGX BB100 enclosure is available now, priced at $14.95, not including accessories like an AC adapter, a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable, or the BeagleBone Black SBC itself. Volume discounts are said to be available. More information may be found at Logic Supply’s BB100 product page, and engineering drawings are available on GitHub.

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2 responses to “BeagleBone Black $15 metal enclosure ships”

  1. Mark says:

    Now if someone would just make some cases to properly enclose any of the LCD capes and a beaglebone black I’d really be interested

  2. ben says:


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