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Armbian 24.5.1: Emphasizing Stability & User Experience For Diverse Hardware Platforms

May 27, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 172 views

The release of Armbian 24.5.1 Havier marks a significant update focusing on stability enhancements and user experience improvements for a variety of supported hardware platforms. This latest version introduces substantial modifications and updates as detailed in an extensive changelog.

Armbian 24.5.1 Havier features an improved build framework capable of creating customized Debian or Ubuntu environments. This release eliminates unnecessary elements such as Canonical’s snapd, adopting a minimalistic approach while maintaining a comprehensive package base. It supports the mainline kernel 6.6.y and delivers optimized builds tailored for specific hardware platforms, aiming to enhance both stability and performance.


This update extends robust support for single-board computers, focusing particularly on Rockchip’s RK3588 and Allwinner devices, with future plans to include Qualcomm devices. It aims to improve hardware compatibility and integration within the Armbian build framework, thereby enhancing support for a broad range of devices.

Newly supported devices include the Orange Pi 5 Pro, FriendlyElec CM3588 NAS board, Radxa ROCK 5 ITX, Allwinner T527 Avaota-A1, Radxa ZERO 3E/3W, and the SK-AM68 board, among others.

Armbian now offers rolling builds featuring Debian Testing and Ubuntu Oracular, catering to users and developers interested in the latest code iterations. The project also maintains a variety of unofficial images for experimental and development purposes, available through the Armbian community GitHub repository.

The tools provided in Armbian 24.5.1 facilitate the customization of Armbian images, enabling users to tailor or even initiate their own Linux distributions. The build system and its extension framework have been refined to support efficient and streamlined development processes.

For production use, Armbian suggests deploying hardware that carries a platinum or standard support label, ensuring reliable maintenance and support. The project is partly funded by community donations and partnerships, which are critical for its ongoing development and support.

The comprehensive changelog for Armbian 24.5.1 Havier includes detailed descriptions of kernel updates, security enhancements, and added support for new devices and boards. This release focuses on technical improvements that address specific user and community feedback, contributing to the overall system robustness and reliability.

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Further information

The Armbian community encourages users to explore the capabilities of the Armbian 24.5.1 Havier release. Constructive feedback is welcomed to help guide future development and ensure the platform remains effective and responsive to user needs.

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