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Arduino introduces GIGA R1 WIFI board at $72.82

Mar 4, 2023 — by Giorgio Mendoza 669 views

The Arduino blog has recently featured the new GIGA R1 Wi-Fi equipped with up to 76x Digital I/Os, 2x DAC pins, camera support, a MIPI interface and other peripherals. This new Arduino board features an ARM Cortex-M7 and a Cortex-M4 as coprocessor for real time applications.

According to the Hardware page, the GIGA R1 Wi-Fi is equipped with the STM32H747XI which has two ARM cores that can be programmed separately, so it can run Arduino code and MicroPython at the same time.


  • STM32H747XI32-bit ARM Cortex-M7 (up to 480MHz) w/ double precision FPU; 1027 DMIPS and DSP + 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 (up to 240MHz) with FPU, Adaptive real-time accelerator and DSP instructions; 2MB Flash, 1MB RAM

GIGA R1 Wi-Fi pinout
(click image to enlarge)

Some of the protocol interfaces found on this board include 4x UART pins, 3x I2C pins, 2x SPI and CAN support (requires external transceiver). Furthermore, there are a total of 76x Digital I/O pins, 12x Analog input pins, 12x PWM pins and 2x DAC channels.

GIGA R1 Wi-Fi 3.5mm Audio jack
(click image to enlarge)

The 3.5mm audio jack is connected to the two DAC channels and the single ADC channel allowing it to read input from a mic and output sound through a speaker. However, it seems that this board doesn’t integrate an amplifier circuit.

There is a Murata LBEE5KL1DX-883 module for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Users must provide an external antenna since the Murata module doesn’t include a built-in antenna.

The GIGA R1 includes a 2-lane MIPI display interface with support for resolutions up to 1024 x 768 and it’s compatible with the LVGL open-source library for UIs.

GIGA R1 Wi-Fi with Arducam module
(click image to enlarge)

The board currently supports 4 cameras: OV7670/OV7675, GC2145, Himax HM01B0 and the Himax HM0360. Additionally, the GIGA R1 seems to be compatible with some Arducam breakout boards. Refer to the GIGA R1 Camera Guide for additional information and sample code.

GIGA R1 Wi-Fi peripherals (left) and top view (right)
(click images to enlarge)

The company also mentions that this board is mechanically compatible with other Arduino UNO/Mega/Due shields; however users must double check the voltage of these shields since the GIGA R1 Wi-Fi operates at 3.3V. 

The device can be programmed and powered using the USB Type-C port; the other USB-A port can only be used as a USB host.

Further information

The Arduino GIGA R1 Wi-Fi board starts at $72.82 (shipping not included). See the product page for more information.

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2 responses to “Arduino introduces GIGA R1 WIFI board at $72.82”

  1. surv says:

    this arduino giga r1 is basically an extension of mega2560 WITH processor change, my questions are:
    00) compatibility to driver shields like vnh5019, l298n, sensors like ekmc1603111
    and so on
    01) will arduino produce a giga with “adk” version like mega2560 adk
    thanks for your attention

  2. Giorgio Mendoza says:

    I would compare the pinouts from the two Arduino variants. I’m assuming Arduino will provide updated libraries for the new variant. Maybe this page may help you

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