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Android-powered light switch seeks to control your home

Mar 11, 2013 — by Rick Lehrbaum 3,643 views

Ube announced today that its WiFi Smart Dimmer switch, currently an in-process project at Kickstarter, will be able to control other smart devices throughout the home via gestures on the dimmer’s capacitive multi-touch interface.

According to Ube, the WiFi Smart Dimmer fits in ordinary wall switch locations, and will be able to control incandescent, LED, and CFL lights. The device integrates a 32-bit ARM processor running embedded Android, along with a WiFi networking interface.


Smart Dimmer (left); Smart Socket (right); Smart Plug (below)
(click images to enlarge)

As described by Ube, users will be able to turn lights on or off by sliding a finger up or down on the Smart Dimmer’s multi-touch capacitive interface. Multiple lights will be controlled with up/down two-finger gestures; and with pinch-close gestures, all the lights in the home will be controllable simultaneously. Additionally, multiple Smart Dimmers will communicate with one another via WiFi-based M2M (machine-to-machine) protocols.

What’s new in today’s announcement, is the extension of the Smart Dimmer’s M2M capabilities to encompass non-Ube devices capable of receiving IP-based commands. For example, drawing a “W” on the dimmer might send an on/off signal to an IP-connected water sprinkling system; or an “A” followed by an upward or downward swipe could arm or disarm an alarm. The gestures will be user-programmable, making them secure, according to Ube.

Additionally, the company says its smartphone app for Apple and Android devices (click image at right to enlarge it) will let you…

  • Adjust lights from your smartphone anywhere in the world
  • Easily create scenes for times of day, moods, parties, etc.
  • See if lights are on or off without having to go into the room
  • Turn on or off all the lights at once

Here’s Ube’s Kickstarter project video:


Further info

The company has filed for patent protection of some aspects of its product’s design, it says. Its Smart Dimmers are currently available for preorder on Kickstarter for $50 to $70. Further details on the Ube devices, and the team behind them, are available on Ube’s website.

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