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AMD shrinks G-Series SoC TDP to 6 Watts

Jul 30, 2013 — by Eric Brown 1,644 views

AMD announced the most power-efficient model yet in its new line of Linux-ready AMD Embedded G-Series system-on-chips. The dual-core, 1GHz GX-210JA SoC offers a low 6W TDP and 3W “expected average power,” making it well suited for a wide range of fanless embedded devices.

AMD announced its Embedded G-Series system-on-chips in April. Unlike its earlier G-Series APUs (application processor units), they added an integrated I/O controller hub in addition to the previously included Radeon graphics. The first G-Series SoC models incorporated up to four “Jaguar” CPU cores clocked as high as 2GHz, as well as Radeon 8000 graphics, in five versions ranging from 9 to 25W TDPs (thermal design power).

AMD G-Series SoC architecture
(click image to enlarge)


The new GX-210JA breaks into “Internet of Things” territory with a low 6W TDP. That doesn’t quite match Intel’s latest mobile Clover Trail+ SoCs, such as the Z2580, which runs at a 3W TDP according to TechPowerUp (although there may be some confusion with Intel’s new scenario design power aka “SDP” rating system), but it’s moving in the right direction. The GX-210JA will help enable “additional fanless designs for a variety of applications ranging from industrial controls and automation, digital gaming, communications infrastructure and visual embedded products including thin client, digital signage and medical imaging,” says AMD.


Like other G-Series SoCs, the GX-210JA runs on 28nm Jaguar cores. However, it makes some sacrifices compared to its siblings. Like the dual-core, 9W TDP GX-210HA, its L2 cache is only 1MB instead of 2MB, and the clock rate similarly tops out at 1GHz. Its Radeon 8180 graphics are clocked even slower, at 225MHz versus 300MHz, and its DDR3 memory is limited to 1066MHz operation rather than 1333MHz. Also missing is support for USB 3.0. Refer to the table below for more details.

Summary of AMD G-Series SoC Specs

Model x86 cores Shared L2 cache CPU clock GPU clock
DDR RAM speed USB 3.0 TDP
GX-420CA 4 2MB 2.0GHz 600MHz
(HD 8400E)
DDR3-1600 yes 25W
GX-415GA 4 2MB 1.5GHz 500MHz
(HD 8330E)
DDR3-1600 yes 15W
GX-217GA 2 1MB 1.65GHz 450MHz
(HD 8280E)
DDR3-1600 yes 15W
GX-210HA 2 1MB 1.0GHz 300MHz
(HD 8210E)
DDR3-1333 yes 9W
GX-210JA 2 1MB 1.0GHz 225MHz DDR3-1066 yes 6W
GX-416RA 4 2MB 1.6GHz no GPU DDR3-1600 n/a 15W


No other specifics were offered on I/O support. However, the other G-Series SoCs provide support for display ports such as VGA, LVDS, DisplayPort, DVI, and HDMI. The x86-based SoCs also support multiple PCI Express lanes, SD cards, dual SATA ports, and up to eight USB 2.0 ports. This is may well be extended to 10 ports on the GX-210JA, since the other models also support two more USB 3.0 ports.

“As the newest dual-core member of the AMD Embedded G-Series SOC family, the AMD GX-210JA offers the right level of performance, low-energy use, I/O integration and operating system support, plus a small footprint that should further simplify build requirements,” stated Kiran Rao, director of Hardware Platforms, Dell Wyse.

The GX-210JA is currently shipping at an unstated price. More information is available at the AMD Embedded G-Series product page.

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