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Adlink and Congatec announce COM-HPC and Type 7 modules based on latest Xeon D CPUs

Mar 4, 2022 — by Eric Brown 292 views

Adlink and Congatec have each unveiled Linux-ready COM-HPC Server and COM Express Type 7 modules based on Intel’s Ice Lake-D Xeon D-2700 and D1700 SoCs with up to 20x and 10x cores, respectively, and support for up to 48x PCIe and 8x 10GBASE-KR.

Last week Intel announced two new Xeon-D processors that use its 10nm Ice Lake-D architecture: the 4-20 core Xeon D-2700 and 2-10-core Xeon D-1700. The processors offer up to 3.0GHz/3.5GHz clock, Intel DL Boost and AVX512 NVVI for AI, Intel TCC and TSN, 100GbE LAN support, and up to 32 PCIe Gen4 lanes. Since then, Congatec and Adlink have each announced several COM-HPC Server and COM Express Type 7 modules based on the new Xeons.

Adlink Express-ID7, partially obscured by COM-HPC-sIDH on its right; second image: Congatec’s (l-to-r) Conga-B7XI, Conga-HPC/sILL, and Conga-HPC/sILH
(click images to enlarge)

The new Adlink and Congatec Ice Lake-D modules include:

  • Adlink COM-HPC-sIDH — COM-HPC Server Type Size D — Xeon D-2700
  • Adlink Express-ID7 — COM Express Basic Type 7 — Xeon D-1700
  • Congatec Conga-HPC/sILH — COM-HPC Server Size E — Xeon D-2700
  • Congatec Conga-HPC/sILL — COM-HPC Server Size D — Xeon D-1700
  • Congatec Conga-B7XI — COM Express Basic Type 7 — Xeon D-1700

The headless Ice Lake-D Xeon processors range from 25W to 125W TDPs. The Xeon D-2700 is the successor to the 4- to 18-core, up to 3.0GHz Xeon D-2100 while the D-1700 follows the 4- to 16-core, up to 1.6GHz/2.2GHz Xeon D-1500.


The new Xeon D-2700 is equipped with 4- to 20-cores at up to 2.5GH/3.5GHz on the octa-core Xeon D-2738. The Xeon D-1700 models range from 2- and 10-cores at up to 3.0GHz/3.5GHz on the octa-core D-1739. Cache ranges from 15MB to 30MB on the D-2700 models and 5MB to 15MB on the D-1700 SKUs.

Ice lake-D provides new Assist Technology (QAT) security technology and up to 512GB (D-2700) or 384GB (D-1700) RAM support. (See our earlier Ice Lake-D Xeon report for more details.)

Both the Adlink and Congatec modules support various types of Windows platforms and Linux flavors including Yocto. All five modules are available in commercial and industrial temperature ranges, and the Adlink modules also offer shock and vibration ruggedization. All the modules offer the same CPU choices for their respective SoC (see Congatec SKU chart farther below).


Adlink’s new Xeon D modules are designed for edge networking, unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous driving, robotic surgery, rugged HPC servers, 5G base stations, automatic drilling, ship management, and more. The modules support Yocto based Linux, Win 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC, Windows Server 20H1, and VxWorks (TBC).

The COM-HPC-sIDH adopts the 160 x 160mm COM-HPC Server Size D form factor. (Last September, Adlink announced a Ampere Altra module based on Ampere’s Arm-based, 80-core Altra SoC that uses the larger COM-HPC Server Size E form factor.)

COM-HPC-sIDH and block diagram
(click images to enlarge)

The COM-HPC-sIDH supports a variety of Xeon D-2700 models, ranging from the 65W TDP, quad-core 1.9GHz/3.0GHz D-2712T to the 20-core, 2.0GHz/3.1GHz D-2796TE with 118W TDP. You can load up to 256GB DDR4-3200 RDIMM RAM via 4x slots, and there is a “TBC” potentiality for offering four slots for up to 512GB DDR4 LRDIMM RAM. Yet another TBC option — there are a lot of them — offers eMMC 5.1 as a build option.

The COM-HPC-sIDH provides 48 PCIe lanes, 32x of which are Gen4 plus another 16x Gen3. The standard configurations are 8x, 8x, 16x, and 16x.

The Ice Lake-D SoCs supply built-in Ethernet controllers offering up to 8x 10GBASE-KR (dependent on SoC SKU), which in another “TBC” question mark, may be reconfigurable to multiple 25GbE, 40GbE, “or higher” connections. Adlink adds an Intel i225 series MAC/PHY that supports GbE and 2.5GbE connections.

Adlink integrates a Module Management Controller (MMC) with an IPMB interface and a dedicated PCIe-BMC lane. In conjunction with carrier BMC, the MMC “provides users with convenient remote management functions such as Serial over LAN (SOL) and iKVM,” says the company. Adlink also supplies its SEMA Board Controller with watchdog, HW monitoring, etc. plus a 40-pin debug header.

The COM-HPC-sIDH enables 4x USB 3.0, 2x UART with console redirect, 12x GPIO, 2x I2C, and 2x SATA, which are listed as “build option in place of PCIe_BMC (TBC).” There is a 12V AT or ATX input with ACPI 5.0 power management plus a TPM 2.0 chip.

The module offers 0 to 60°C and -40 to 85°C (build option) models with 5-90%, non-condensing RH tolerance, and a heatsink with fan is optional. Shock and vibration resistance are said to comply with IEC 60068-2-64 and IEC-60068-2-27. There is also a TBC support for MIL-STD-202F. A COM-HPC Server Starter Kit will also be available.

Adlink Express-ID7

The Express-ID7 has the same, 125 x 95mm COM Express Basic Type 7 form factor as Adlink’s Xeon D-1500 based Express-BD7. The module offers five SKUs ranging from the quad-core, 2.0/3.1GHz Xeon D-1712TR with 40W TDP to the 10-core, 2.0/3.1GHz D-1746TER, at 67W. You can load up to 128GB DDR4 via 4x sockets with RAM speed ranging from 2400MT/s to 2933MT/s, depending on the SKU.

Express-ID7 and block diagram
(click images to enlarge)

Adlink’s Express-ID7 provides 32 PCIe lanes, split evenly between Gen4 and Gen3. The Xeon D-1700’s built-in LAN controller enables 4x 10GBASE-KR connections while an Intel i210 controller gives you a GbE port.

I/O includes 4x USB 3.0, 2x UART with console redirect, 8x GPIO, 2x I2C, 2x SATA, and single I2C and LPCBus. You also get a SEMA Board Controller, a 30-pin debug connector, TPM 2.0, and Super I/O support on the carrier.

The Express-ID7 supplies a 12V AT or ATX input with ACPI 5.0. Ruggedization features are the same as on the COM-HPC-sIDH.

Congatec Conga-HPC/sILH

Congatec’s Conga-HPC/sILH complies with the 200 x 160mm COM-HPC Server Size E form factor, although there is a build option for a version that shrinks down to a 160 x 160mm Size D. The module offers the same five Xeon-D2700 SKUs as Adlink COM-HPC-sIDH. All the Congatec Xeon D modules support Linux, Yocto, Android, RTS Hypervisor, and Windows 10, 10 IoT Enterprise, and IoT 10 Core.

Conga-HPC/sILH, front and back
(click images to enlarge)

The Conga-HPC/sILH offers twice the memory support as Adlink’s COM-HPC with 8x sockets that support up to 1TB DDR4-2933 when using LRDIMM RAM. The module has the same built-in 8x 10GbE LAN controller support as Adlink’s COM-HPC, as well as a 2.5GbE port with TSN. Like the Adlink module, you get 48 PCIe lanes, 32x of which are Gen4.

CPU SKUs for the Congatec Xeon D modules (and the corresponding Adlink modules) and at right, the Conga-HPC/sILH block diagram
(click images to enlarge)

I/O includes 4x USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0, 2x SATA, 2x UART, 12x GPIO, 2x SMBus, and 2x I2C. The module ships with TPM 2.0, ACPI 5.0 with battery support, and the Congatec Board Controller with watchdog, monitoring, etc. The Conga-HPC/sILH is available in 0 to 60°C and -40 to 80°C models with 10-90%, non-condensing humidity tolerance.

Congatec Conga-HPC/sILL

This 160 x 160 COM-HPC Size D module has the same D-1700 selection as the Adlink Express-ID7 and offers twice the maximum RAM. When using RDIMM RAM, the Conga-HPC/sILL can load up to 256GB DDR4 at up to 2933MT/s via 4x sockets.

Conga-HPC/sILL and block diagram
(click images to enlarge)

Ethernet and I/O support are the same as on the larger Conga-HPC/sILH, but like the Express-ID7, you are limited to 32x PCIe lanes, with half of those Gen4. You get the same ruggedization features, TPM 2.0, and ACPI 5.0 found on the Conga-HPC/sILH.

Congatec Conga-B7XI

Congatec’s Type 7 Xeon D entry has the same D-1700 support as the Conga-HPC/sILL and Express-ID7. Four RAM slots support up to 128GB DDR4-2666 with optional ECC. Built-in LAN support is limited to 4x 10GbE, and you also get a 2.5GbE controller with TSN.

Conga-B7XI and block diagram
(click images to enlarge)

PCIe, USB, and UART I/O is the same as on the Conga-HPC/sILL. Other I/O includes 8x GPIO and SPI. ruggedization features, TPM 2.0, and ACPI 5.0 are the same as on the Conga-HPC/sILL. All the Congatec modules offer optional active and passive cooling solutions.

Further information

No pricing or availability information was provided for the Adlink and Congatec Ice Lake-D Xeon modules. More information on the Adlink modules may be found in the Adlink announcement and the COM-HPC-sIDH and Express-ID7 product pages.

More on the Congatec modules may be found in the Congatec announcement, as well as the Conga-HPC/sILH, Conga-HPC/sILL, and Conga-B7XI product pages.


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