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Acer Teams Up with Qualcomm to Launch Advanced 5G and Wi-Fi 7 Routers

Jan 7, 2024 — by Giorgio Mendoza 304 views

Acer today announced the launch of two innovative gaming routers: the Predator Connect X7 5G CPE and the Predator Connect T7 Wi-Fi 7 Mesh Router. These routers are powered by the Qualcomm Immersive Home Platform and feature tri-band Wi-Fi 7, designed for gaming and streaming experience with their robust, high-speed connectivity.

The Predator Connect X7 5G CPE stands out with its integration of 5G and Wi-Fi 7, achieving BE11000 speeds and an impressively low latency of just 1 ms. This router is specifically engineered for a consistent and smooth online experience, featuring dual WAN capabilities to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.


Predator Connect X7 5G CPE
(click image to enlarge)

In contrast, the Predator Connect T7 Wi-Fi 7 Mesh Router excels in providing expansive and consistent network coverage. It utilizes Wi-Fi 7 tri-band throughput combined with state-of-the-art multi-link mesh technology, making it ideal for low-latency connections and extensive mesh network setups.

Both routers are powered by Qualcomm Technologies’ high-performance quad-core processors, delivering accelerated online experiences, superior Spectrum Utilization with Wi-Fi 7, and enhanced MU-MIMO and OFDMA support across various devices. This makes them particularly suited for demanding gamers and streamers.

Predator Connect T7 Wi-Fi 7 Mesh Router
(click image to enlarge)

Enhancing their performance, both routers double the speeds of Wi-Fi 6 devices, thanks to Qualcomm Technologies’ wireless innovations. The Predator Connect X7 5G CPE, offering up to 3.5 Gbps speeds, is equipped with advanced connectivity options, including load balancing and failover systems, ensuring reliable network performance.

These routers also feature network acceleration technology and are compatible with the Intel Killer Prioritization Engine, optimizing traffic management for a wide array of games, apps, and websites. They support 320 MHz channels, 4K QAM, and Multi-Link Operations, which collectively increase throughput, reduce latency, and minimize network interference.

The Multi-Link Mesh feature further enhances their capability, enabling the creation of a cohesive and extensive Wi-Fi network through multiple access points.

Further information

Acer has noted that the specifications, prices, and availability of these routers will vary by region. See the product announcement for reference.

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