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8MP, ultra-low light Jetson cam kit boasts 4K@44fps streaming

Feb 4, 2021 — by Eric Brown 1,250 views

E-Con’s ultra-low light “e-CAM83_CUMI415_MOD” module has an 8MP Sony Starvis IMX415 sensor with 4K@44fps (Xavier NX) or 4K@90fps (AGX Xavier) streaming. It’s available in a CSI kit for the Xavier NX or Nano and a USB kit for other systems.

E-Con Systems has launched an 8-megapixel e-CAM83_CUMI415_MOD embedded camera module with up to 4K@90fps streaming support that can record images in “nearly 0 lux” conditions. The module is designed for edge-based intelligent video analytics applications that require monitoring a huge area, such as parking lot management, traffic monitoring systems, and smart surveillance. It also supports applications requiring high resolution and high frame rates including AI sports cameras and drone camera photography, says E-con.


The e-CAM83_CUMI415_MOD module, which starts at $69 in volume, is available in two new camera board kits. The $99 e-CAM80_CUNX uses a uses a MIPI-CSI-2 interface to connect to Nvidia’s Linux-driven Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit. It also works with the Jetson Nano Dev Kit. The unpriced e-CAM82_USB kit, which interfaces with other computers via USB 2.0, is still in the works.

e-CAM80_CUNX alone (left) and attached to Jetson Xavier NX Dev Kit
(click images to enlarge)

the e-CAM83_CUMI415_MOD on its own supports the higher-end Jetson AGX Xavier MODULE, which enables 4K@90fps streaming. However, with the e-CAM80_CUNX kit and the Xavier NX, the module is limited to 1080p at 70fps or 4K (3840 x 2160) at 44fps. With the Nano you get 1080p@32fps or 4K@30fps. The lower rates are due in large part to the NX and Nano using 2-lane rather than 4-lane CSI interfaces.

Like E-con’s recent, Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier focused e-CAM220_CUMI327_MOD and e-CAM21_CUMI290_MOD modules, the e-CAM83_CUMI415_MOD uses an ultra-low light Sony Starvis sensor. In this case, it’s a much higher resolution Starvis IMX415 (PDF). The 8MP Starvis IMX415 is a 1/2.8″, fixed focus sensor that outputs RGB RAW, 10-bit/12-bit data per pixel.


The 30 x 30mm e-CAM83_CUMI415_MOD module has an S-mount (M12) interchangeable lens holder and supports -30 to 85°C temperatures. Power consumption is listed at ~950mW.

The e-CAM80_CUNX kit for the Jetson NX and Nano dev kits adds a 30 x 30mm camera adapter board and a flex cable. The kit makes use of the Xavier NX’s ISP to handle Auto functions.

The e-CAM80_CUNX ships with an SD card with a V4L2 Linux camera driver, GStreamer, and eCAM_argus sample view finder apps and source code for single-camera and four-camera streaming. The kit supports Nvidia’s Jetpack & L4T (Linux-for-Tegra) platforms, as well as its libargus APIs for access and control.

e-CAM80_CUNX low-light images with Xavier NX at 0.4 lux (left) and 2.5 lux; farther right is the e-CAM82_USB, front and back
(click images to enlarge)

The upcoming e-CAM82_USB kit has the same 8MP and ultra-low light capabilities, but the micro-USB 2.0 connection restricts it to more limited frame rates. These range from 30fps YUV or 60fps MJPEG at 640 x 480 pixels to 1fps/30fps at 4K (3840 x 2160). The 30 x 30mm camera board has its own ISP.

The e-CAM82_USB is a UVC complaint plug & play camera. It supports Windows 8.1/10 or Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, and 18.04, and provides an e-CAMView app for Windows and QtCAM for Linux.

Further information

The e-CAM83_CUMI415_MOD starts at $69 in volume. The e-CAM80_CUNX kit for the Jetson Xavier NX and Nano is available for a discounted price of $99, down from the eventual $129. The e-CAM82_USB is not yet priced or available but is “launching soon.”

More information may be found in E-con Systems’ announcement (PDF), as well as the product/shopping pages for the e-CAM83_CUMI415_MOD, the
e-CAM80_CUNX, and the e-CAM82_USB.

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    4K Sony STARVIS IMX415 Low Light MIPI Camera Module | Streaming 4K @ 90fps

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