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3rd gen kit for embedded linux self-training is Raspberry Pi B-based

Sep 13, 2019 — by Jeff Child 3,558 views

The 3rd generation Embedded Linux Learning Kit from Intellimetrix includes a Raspberry Pi 3B board, a Pi HAT with peripherals, power supply, cables and Linux software. It also features a manual tailored specifically for teaching yourself embedded Linux.

Intellimetrix has announced the immediate availability of the third generation of its Embedded Linux Learning Kit (E.L.L.K.). The firm touts it as a complete, hands-on way to get started using embedded Linux. Intellimetrix is a consulting firm specializing in real-time and embedded training and software development.

3rd generation Embedded Linux Learning Kit
(click image to enlarge)

We covered an earlier version of Intellimetrix’s E.L.L.K 13 years ago back when we were under the LinuxDevices banner. That earlier version included an Atmel Arm9 processor-based SBC as part the kit, while this new 3rd generation in based on the popular Raspberry Pi 3B. Besides the Raspberry Pi 3B, the E.L.L.K. comes with a Pi HAT that provides a range of common peripherals. Also included are a power supply, cables and a CD with a random collection of Linux software.

At the heart of the E.L.L.K. is a 100-plus page manual. The manual guides you through a number of topics, including (1) workstation and target setup and configuration; (2) basic application development and debugging; (3) building a kernel image and a root filesystem in flash; (4) accessing hardware with and without device drivers; and (5) networking and more.

Raspberry Pi B board with peripheral HAT included with kit
(click image to enlarge)

Doug Abbott, creator of the E.L.L.K. and principal consultant at Intellimetrix, contrasts the kit with the typical development kits, emphasizing that the E.L.L.K. is specifically designed to teach embedded Linux. “This is the kind of tool I wish I had had when I was climbing that steep Linux learning curve a few years back,” said Abbott. “The sample code has been written with clarity and readability in mind and the exercises move in a logical progression where each step builds on the ones before.”


“Each successive generation of the E.L.L.K has been smaller, faster, more capable, and cheaper than the predecessor”, says Abbot. Validating that statement, the 2006 Arm9 version mentioned earlier cost at $349, while the new 3rd gen version costs only $139.

The Raspberry Pi 3B SBC included in the E.L.L.K. features:

  • Quad-core 64-bit Arm Cortex-53 at 1.2GHz
  • 1GB RAM
  • microSD slot
  • BCM43438 wireless LAN and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on board
  • 10/100 Ethernet port
  • 4x USB 2.0 host ports, Type A
  • Serial debug port, 3.3V signal levels
  • micro-USB, primarily for power

More details on the Raspberry Pi B can be found on our report here.

In addition to the SBC, the kit contains:

  • 8 GB micro SD card with boot loader, Linux kernel, and root file system image
  • Micro USB power supply
  • Matrix Compact HAT that plugs into the 40-pin GPIO connector and provides a range of “n” peripheral devices
  • DVD ROM with:
    • Yocto Project build system based on Poky 2.6, “thud”
    • Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE)
    • Sample source code
    • Other miscellaneous “goodies”

Further information

More information on the 3rd gen E.L.L.K. can be found on its product page. The regular pricing for the kit is $139, but Intellimetrix is selling the new E.L.L.K. at a introductory price of $109 including free USPS Priority shipping within the continental U.S. for the first 50 orders. Different individual parts of the E.L.L.K. may also be purchased separately. See the Intellimetrix shopping page for details.

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2 responses to “3rd gen kit for embedded linux self-training is Raspberry Pi B-based”

  1. Nitin Bhaskar says:

    64-bit ARM cortex-A8?

  2. Jeff Child says:

    Thanks for catching that.
    Looks like the wrong processor was listed for the Raspberry Pi 3B.
    Should be Quad-core 64-bit Arm Cortex-53 at 1.2GHz, not the Cortex-A8,
    We have made the correction.

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