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LinuxGizmos Sponsor Showcase

Sponsor: DENX Computer Systems GmbH

Company overview

Linux and U-Boot on embedded systems build the focus for the products and services provided by DENX. The services for developing free software as well as the embedded hardware support developers in the best possible way to shorten the time to market for complex applications in the industrial field. The implementation of embedded systems is accompanied by dedicated staff to ensure that the product is mature for mass production with lowest efforts. For a maximum of flexibility DENX offers standard board level products which can be used for evaluation, development, and established products.

Located in the Munich area in Germany, DENX serves customers all over Europe as well as North America.

Key product families

  • System-on-Modules -- The "M"-family of system-on-modules supports a range of the popular i.MX processors on a ready-to-use platform. They are supported by mainline U-Boot and mainline Linux which helps developers to always use the most recent code for their project and thus being able to maintain the product over long time periods after its launch in the market. The boards support also the popular Xenomai real-time development framework which makes them suitable for time sensitive applications. More information may be found here.

  • Embedded Linux Development Kit -- The Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK) includes the GNU cross development tools, such as the compilers, binutils, gdb, etc., and a number of pre-built target tools and libraries necessary to provide some functionality on the target system. It is provided for free with full source code, including all patches, extensions, programs and scripts used to build the tools, packaging and installation is based on the RPM package manager. More information may be found here.

  • BDI3000 -- The BDI3000 is the successor of the innovative world-wide BDI family (BDI1000/BDI2000) and offers high performance, great flexibility and excellent product quality. Beside the fact that one debugger hardware fits all supported architectures the BDI3000 perfectly complements open software and its tools. bdiGDB enhances the GNU debugger (GDB), with BDM and JTAG debugging together with the BDI3000. All users of a PowerPC & Power Architecture┬« technology, ARM, XScale or MIPS32/64 processor can benefit from this debugging mode. DENX is offering the BDI3000 as a distributor and technology partner for Abatron AG, Switzerland. More information may be found here.

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