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Raspberry Pi Zero sized HAT has four sensors with 10 variables

Aug 5, 2016 — by Eric Brown — 2,409 views
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Pimeroni’s Enviro pHAT is a $20 Raspberry Pi HAT add-on that provides sensors including temperature/pressure, light/color, motion, and ADC.

The Enviro pHAT, available at Pimeroni in the UK and Adafruit in the US, is a Raspberry Pi HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) add-on with four multipurpose sensors that provide up to 10 different sensor variables. The Enviro pHAT is part of Pimeroni’s pHAT family of HAT add-ons, which includes last year’s motor-controlling Explorer HAT, now called the Explorer pHAT.

Pimeroni’s Enviro pHAT alone, and in a Raspberry Pi Zero stack
(click images to enlarge)

Enviro pHAT features include:

  • BMP280 temperature/pressure sensor
  • TCS3472 light and RGB color sensor
  • 2x LEDs for illumination
  • LSM303D accelerometer/magnetometer
  • ADS1015 4-channel 3.3v, analog-to-digital converter (ADC)

Like other pHATs, the Enviro pHAT works with all of the 40-pin Raspberry Pi 3/2/B+/A+/Zero variants. The 6.8-gram board is the same 65 x 30 x 2.6mm size as the Raspberry Pi Zero.

The board can work with other stacked pHATs. For example, you can display sensor values on the Unicorn pHAT or display a graph of values with the Scroll pHAT, says Pimeroni.

Pimeroni’s Enviro pHAT kit (some soldering required)
(click image to enlarge)

Like other pHATs, the Enviro pHAT requires that you solder on headers. The kit includes the PCB, as well as a 2×20 0.1-inch female GPIO header and a male header for the ADC pins. You can set up a web server with Flask, and remotely monitor conditions in locations such as the house or garage.

Other sensor-oriented Raspberry Pi add-ons include Dexter’s GrovePi-Zero, RasPi.TV’s RasPiO Analog Zero, and Matrix Labs’s Matrix Creator, among others. There’s also Google’s sensor-focused Project Bloks education platform prototype, which is built around a Raspberry Pi Zero.

Further information

Pimeroni’s Enviro pHAT is available now for $19.95 at Adafruit and £16 at Pimeroni.

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2 responses to “Raspberry Pi Zero sized HAT has four sensors with 10 variables”

  1. Sean says:

    What I hate about the Raspberry Pi Zero is that it’s impossible to get at just $5. It’s price is like dream.

    • Jerry says:

      The $5 for RPi is just a marketing trick. It’s nowhere near that. If you want a cheap board, buy some chinese Allwinner H3 / A20 board or something? Also this HAT is $20 + shipping. You’d pay like $50 to get this and RPi zero. If you just need some sensors, ESP8266 is less than $2 and Arduino Nano is like $1.5.

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