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Official Arduino IoT dev kit has WiFi hub and 25 sensor modules

Oct 4, 2016 — by Eric Brown — 1887 views

Arduino LLC launched an ESLOV IoT Invention Kit, featuring an Arduino compatible WiFi hub device and 25 modular sensor devices, united via an Arduino Cloud.

At the World Maker Faire New York, where Arduino LLC and Arduino Srl announced the settlement of their legal dispute, as well as plans to merge by the end of the year, Arduino LLC ( showed off its new “ESLOV IoT Invention Kit.” The kit, which launched last week on Kickstarter, includes a wireless hub based on Arduino LLC’s tiny WiFi-enabled MKR1000 Arduino board, a shield for interfacing up to three I/O modules, and 25 different I/O modules, which include various sensors, switches, buzzers, servos, and more.

ESLOV kit components, including shield and modules
(click images to enlarge)

The open source, education-focused ESLOV is designed to simplify IoT development using a modified I2C bus interface, a visual editor, and the Arduino Cloud. When you plug different modules together, the visual code editor reflects these connections on screen. You can then finish the visual programming, and post it on the new MQTT-based Arduino Cloud. The Arduino Cloud’s mobile device compatible interface is said to simplify “complex interactions with sliders, buttons, value fields, and more.”

Example ESLOV modules (left to right): potentiometer, pushbutton, light sensor, LED
(click images to enlarge)

The Sweden-based ESLOV project, which emerged from a three-year EU-funded educational project called PELARS (Practice-based Experiential Learning Analytics Research and Support), has already garnered over $64,000 on Kickstarter. However, it has a long way to go to make its $495,000 goal by Oct. 28. The products are expected to ship in June 2017.

A basic package that includes a wireless hub with one onboard motion sensor goes for $55. A $99 package give you the hub with LED, button, and buzzer modules. A package with the hub and eight modules goes for $179, and a hub and 15 modules costs $249. All in all, this seems fairly pricey considering the MKR1000 board that the hub is based on costs $35.

ESLOV’s MKR1000-based hub
(click image to enlarge)

The ESLOV wireless hub is driven by a 48MHz Microchip (Atmel) ATSAMD21 SoC, which incorporates a Cortex-M0+ MCU with 32KB RAM, 256KB flash, and 802.11 WiFi. By comparison, Arduino’s MKR1000 uses an ATSAMW25 with the same clock rate, RAM, flash, and WiFi. (That said, the photo from the ESLOV’s kickstarter campaign shows an ITSAMW25 module on the ESLOV wireless hub, and the hub’s underlying PCB appears to be identical to that of the MKR1000 as well.)

Each 25 x 25mm module runs on an 8MHz Microchip ATmega328P MCU for Arduino Uno compatibility. Each of these 25x reprogrammable modules use 3V3 power, which we expect means 3.3V, or the same I/O voltage as the MKR1000.

Symbols for ESLOV’s hub and 25 modules (left), and examples of how some of these might combine to form IoT applications
(click images to enlarge)

The modules and the wireless hub each have an ESLOV connector with five pins — one more than standard I2C. The fifth pin is used to automatically configure the module and handle sleep states to enhance battery life, says Arduino LLC. The wireless hub also has a micro-USB port for connecting directly to a computer. Both the micro-USB and WiFi can be used for OTA updates.

ESLOV visual editor (left) and Arduino Cloud interface
(click images to enlarge)

In addition to using the ESLOV visual editor, you can program the system with the Arduino Editor, using either the online editor or the desktop-based Arduino IDE. Libraries let you customize module behavior, enhance hub functions, and modify protocols. Sample applications include a washing machine status notification device, baby and fitness monitors, seismic detectors, pet feeders, a smart thermostat, and more.

Introducing the ESLOV IoT Invention Kit

ESLOV modules and visual programming tool demo

Further information

The ESLOV IoT Invention Kit is available in Kickstarter packages starting at $55 (hub only) or $99 (89 Euros) with shipments beginning in June 2017. More information may be found in this Arduino LLC blog post, as well as the ESLOV Kickstarter page. Arduino LLC welcomes third-party modules from partners and other certified programs.

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