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IoT prototyping kit offers Bluetooth, sensors, Arduino IDE

Dec 14, 2016 — by Eric Brown — 1739 views

Pure Engineering’s Arduino IDE compatible “PUREmodules” kit offers solderless IoT prototyping, and features a Nordic NRF52 Bluetooth SoC and sensors.

Pure Engineering, which was behind the GroupGets backed PureThermal 1 set of FLIR Lepton accessories, among other gizmos, has gone to Kickstarter to launch a “PUREmodules” family of connectible prototyping modules for IoT. The campaign has more than doubled its $1,000 goal for the first two modules: The nRF52 Core Module goes for $19 to $29, with shipments ranging from January to March, and the $39 Super Sensor Module that connects to it ships in February.

PUREmodules: NRF52 Core Module (left) and Super Sensor Module
(click image to enlarge)

The PUREmodules system is one of a number of recent Arduino-compatible IoT prototyping systems designed for embedded novices or anyone else who wants to avoid cabling and soldering. Others include the STEMTera Breadboard, the BreadBro, and the ArduShield. While these products are built around custom breadboards, the PUREmodule system uses LEGO-like snap-in serial connections over I2C and SPI, somewhat like the Linux-driven LinuxBits Cloudbit.


The NRF52 Core Module is designed primarily to act as a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon and packet sniffer, and it includes support for iBeacon and Eddystone technology. The device is built around the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832, a wireless SoC that can also be found on the Arduino Primo and Arduino Primo Core. The SoC’s ARM Cortex-M4F MPU lets you run Arduino sketches on the NRF52 module.

Pure Engineering is also providing a support package for the open source Contiki OS. The NRF52 Core Module is also compatible with Mbed, Mynewt, RIOT OS, and Zephyr. In addition, it is said to support software frameworks including Bluetooth 5, HomeKit, and Wirepas.

NRF52 Core Module (left) and Super Sensor Module
(click images to enlarge)

The NRF52 Core Module combines the nRF52832 SoC with a 2.4GHz antenna, a 1225 coin cell holder, an accelerometer, and an internal temperature sensor. The module is further equipped with 2x I2C outputs, one of which supports JTAG and NFC expansion, as well as 1x SPI out, 1x I2C in, and 1x SPI in. You get 20x GPIO, optional JTAG via Tag-Connect, an LED, and 2x user buttons. The module ships with a BLE bootloader, and supports OTA firmware updates.

The Super Sensor Module can be used for applications including home automation, health tracking, and industrial measurement, says Pure. The module integrates another accelerometer along with sensors for external temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and UVA UVB light detection. You’ll also find distance, heart rate pulse oximetry, RGB, and IR connections.

Pure has already designed additional modules it hopes to ship in the future, including GPIO expanders, I2C-based ADC and DAC, energy harvesting, chemical and radiation sensors, motor modules, Ethernet, and more. It’s also working on adapters to integrate Grove and LittleBits devices, as well as Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards.

Further information

The PUREmodules kit is available on Kickstarter through Jan. 17. The nRF52 Core Module goes for $19 to $29, with shipments ranging from January to March, and the $39 Super Sensor Module ships in February. Together, the modules sell for $59 to $67, also due in February. There’s a $99 Ultimate Development Kit that adds a development board and other extras, as well as a $9 LEGO Adapter PCB. More information may be found at the PUREmodules Kickstarter page, as well as this PUREmodules page, and Pure Engineering PUREmodules page.

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