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Review: Google TV 2.0

Jan 14, 2012  |  DeviceGuru
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Following the reboot of Google TV with the release of Android 3.1, DeviceGuru posted an in-depth review of Google TV 2.0, as implemented on the Logitech Revue set-top-box.

“Like many, I was seriously underwhelmed by Google TV as implemented on the Logitech Revue’s initial release, due to its clumsy user interface, dearth of apps, and general bugginess,” writes DeviceGuru. “So when Google said it would soon upgrade the existing Revues to Google TV 2.0, featuring Android 3.1 and the ability to install Android Market apps, I felt hopeful… but skeptical.”

DeviceGuru’s review introduces Google TV 2.0, showcases its features, apps, and flexible new user interface (in numerous screenshots), and demonstrations the addition of customized folders and shortcuts to the homescreen for instant access to favorite apps and websites.

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