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Embedded filesystem update boosts reliability

Jan 29, 2013 — by Rick Lehrbaum — 98 views

Datalight has released v3.0 of Reliance Nitro 3.0, an embedded filesystem targeting devices running Android, Embedded Linux, and Windows CE. Among other enhancements, the update “adds advanced instrumentation, enabling fast, precise diagnosis of errors” within a device’s flash memory subsystem, says the company.

According to Datalight, “finding the source of these flash storage failures is normally a time consuming part of the development process, which can delay market availability of embedded devices for many weeks.”

The company says the new filesystem diagnostics provide full metadata and optional file data CRCs, enabling developers to continuously monitor the embedded system’s data reliability. “Unlike basic filesystems such as ext4 and TexFAT, Reliance Nitro is capable of monitoring both user data and metadata to detect inconsistencies and provide early warning of imminent flash failure and/or data corruption,” explains the company.

Ensuring data integrity becomes increasingly important as flash memory dies shrink, which results in a greater number of bits per cell, the company adds. “Bit errors and data corruption are becoming bigger problems for device developers and users with minimum data reliability requirements. Undiscovered problems with data can cause system failure hours or days later, often leaving no trace of what caused them.” In answer to this challenge, Datalight’s Reliance Nitro filesystem “effectively guarantees reliable operations of these devices, by allowing continuous monitoring of data reliability on key files,” claims the company.

For further details are available on the company’s website.

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