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Bash shell utility turns 5.0

Jan 17, 2019

A few months prior to celebrating the 30th birthday of the Bash command language interpreter, the GNU Project has released Bash 5.0, featuring bug fixes and new shell variables.

Automotive development platforms rev up with Linux

Jan 11, 2019

Linux-driven automotive computing initiatives advanced at CES with Hyundai joining Automotive Grade Linux, and Baidu, Intel, and Nvidia unveiling new assisted and autonomous driving platforms.

IDE supports embedded Linux development within Windows

Jan 10, 2019

Timesys’ TimeStorm IDE 5.3.2 adds support for embedded Linux development within Windows 10. Other new features include Python target debug and custom bootloader support and a streamlined, Git-based workflow.

Baidu goes open source with Openedge analytics platform and Apollo driverless stack

Jan 9, 2019

Baidu unveiled an open source “OpenEdge” edge computing platform and an open Linux-based “Apollo 3.5” autonomous car stack. OpenEdge dev boards include an Intel-based BIE-AI-Box in-car visual analytics board and NXP-based BIE-AI-Board for IoT.

Free IoT security platform runs on OpenWrt routers and the Raspberry Pi

Jan 9, 2019

Minim unveiled a free version of its router security platform called Minim Labs with an open source, Linux-based, “Unum” agent designed to protect home automation devices. The software is available for the Raspberry Pi and the Gli.Net B1300 router.

Touchless health monitoring module works with Raspberry Pi

Dec 13, 2018

Olea Sensor Networks’ “OS-3010” healthcare sensor module now works with the Raspberry Pi and other Linux and Android devices. A 24GHz Doppler Radar Sensor monitors heart rate, respiration, and other signals synthesized by OleaSense software.

A crash course in embedded Linux software deployment

Dec 13, 2018

At ELC Europe,’s Mirza Krak surveyed popular techniques for deploying embedded Linux software, including cross-dev strategies, IDEs, Yocto-OE package management, config utilities, network boot, and updating software.

Open source autonomous driving project to build on 96Boards SBCs

Dec 10, 2018

Linaro, Tier IV, and Apex.AI have co-founded an Autoware Foundation to establish an open source platform for autonomous vehicles built around Tier IV’s Linux/ROS based Autoware stack and some future 96Boards SBCs.

Linaro partners with IIC on upcoming 96Boards Industrial Edition spec

Dec 7, 2018

[Updated: Dec. 18] — Linaro and the Industrial Internet Consortium announced a partnership to collaborate on open source Arm standards for industrial IoT involving OTA, TSN, and security, and develop a 96Boards Industrial Edition spec. Then the IIC announced

Linux Foundation consolidates FOSS compliance efforts under ACT project

Dec 6, 2018

The challenge of open source compliance starts with figuring out which compliance tools to use. The Linux Foundation’s new ACT group aims to cut through the confusion with a one-stop shop for FOSS compliance projects.

Libcamera successor to V4L2 hopes to ease embedded Linux camera headaches

Dec 4, 2018

At ELC Europe, Linux kernel developer Laurent Pinchart unveiled a follow-on to the V4L2 stack for embedded cameras. The open source “libcamera” eases the burden on userspace developers, offers improved per-frame and 3A controls, and sandboxes proprietary camera code.

EBBR spec to bring standardization to embedded Linux boot process

Nov 28, 2018

At Embedded Linux Conference Europe, Arm’s Grant Likely explains how an emerging, UEFI-based EBBR spec could standardize embedded Linux firmware bootup behavior using standard bootloaders like U-Boot.

Smart speaker voice platforms compared

Nov 21, 2018

At the Embedded Linux Conference Europe, Leon Anavi compared the Alexa and Google Assistant voice platforms and looked into open source newcomer Mycroft Mark II.

RISC-V Linux development in full swing

Nov 8, 2018

All signs point to a happy marriage between Linux and RISC-V. At Embedded Linux Conference Europe, Comcast’s Khem Raj gave a presentation that strengthens the case.