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Edison IoT module ships with Atom/Quark combo SoC

September 10, 2014
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[Updated Sep 17] — Intel launched its Edison COM for IoT apps, with a “Tangier” SoC that mixes a dual-core Atom running Linux with a Quark chip, plus optional breakout boards.

Quad-core Cortex-A15 SoC features 6MB on-chip RAM

September 9, 2014
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TI has launched a Linux-friendly, 1.4GHz quad-core Cortex-A15 AM5K2Ex Keystone II SoC, that runs at under 10W and offers 10GbE switches and 6MB on-chip RAM.

Intel debuts “Core M” processors with sub-5W TDP

September 5, 2014
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Intel debuted three dual-core, 14nm “Core M” processors aimed at 2-in-1 laptops and high-end tablets, featuring 50 percent faster performance and sub-5W TDPs.

MIPS aims new 64-bit Warrior cores at mobile devices

September 5, 2014
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Imagination announced a 64-bit Warrior processor with a MIPS I6400 core that features hardware virtualization, multi-threading, and multi-clustering.

MIPS tempts hackers with Raspberry Pi-like dev board

August 28, 2014
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Hard to choose between Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, and MinnowBoard Max? Now there’s another choice: the open source MIPS-based “Creator CI20″ dev board.

Project aims to build a “fully open” SoC and dev board

August 14, 2014
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A non-profit company is developing an open source, 64-bit “lowRISC” SoC that will enable fully open hardware, “from the CPU core to the development board.”

Media player dev kits run Ubuntu and Android on Cortex-A9

August 12, 2014
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Toshiba announced wireless-enabled development kits based on its dual-core Cortex-A9 “TZ5000 ApP Lite” SoC, supporting Ubuntu and Android 4.4, respectively.

Marvell lifts curtain on popular NAS SoCs

July 31, 2014
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[Updated 12:00PM] — Marvell has posted detailed datasheets on its previously opaque Armada 370 and XP SoCs, used in Linux-based NAS systems from Buffalo, Netgear, and Synology.

Will Via’s 64-bit Isaiah II run both x86 and ARM code?

July 11, 2014
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Leaked benchmarks show Via’s 64-bit Isaiah II edging out AMD’s Kabini and trouncing Intel’s Atom Z3770, amid speculation it may run both x86 and ARM code.

TI spins Cortex-A9 Sitara SoC

June 30, 2014
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TI unveiled a 1GHz, Cortex-A9 Sitara “AM437x” SoC with a 3D GPU, a Linux SDK, and an updated PRU module for dual simultaneous control of fieldbus protocols.

Linux-ready MIPS SoCs target low-power wearables

June 9, 2014
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The Dhanush Wearable Processing Unit is a Linux-ready SoC based on MIPS MicroAptiv and InterAptiv cores, designed for wearables with 30-day battery life.

AMD boosts G-Series SoC performance-per-watt, adds security engine

June 5, 2014
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[Updated Jun 6] — AMD announced six new Embedded G-Series SoCs, featuring improved performance-per-Watt, on-chip security processors, and Mentor Embedded Linux support.

Cheap Intel-based Android tablets get real

May 27, 2014
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Toshiba tipped a $110 Android tablet using a quad-core Intel Atom, while Intel revealed plans to license Rockchip to make its own low-cost Atom-based SoCs.

AMD “Bald Eagle” APUs target high-end embedded Linux

May 23, 2014
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AMD’s “Bald Eagle” R-Series processors offer four 3.6GHz “Steamroller” cores with Heterogeneous System Architecture support, plus Mentor Embedded Linux.

Sneak peek at a proof-of-concept Snapdragon MCM

May 14, 2014
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We spied an interesting Qualcomm “proof of concept” multi-chip-module (MCM), described as a “Nexus 7 on a chip,” at the recent EE Live! conference.

AMD surprise: pin-compatible ARM and x86 CPUs

May 6, 2014
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When AMD revealed an “ambidextrous” processor roadmap based on both x86 and ARM cores last Fall, it saved one surprise for today: they’ll be pin compatible!

Allwinner octacore SoC due first on pcDuino8 SBC

May 5, 2014
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LinkSprite and Allwinner are prepping a new SBC based on Allwinner’s UltraOctaA80 SoC, featuring four Cortex-A15 cores, four -A7 cores, and a PowerVR 6 GPU.

Nvidia developer challenge to award 50 Jetson TK1 SBCs

April 25, 2014
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Nvidia will award 50 of its 2.3GHz Tegra K1-based “Jetson TK1″ SBCs to winners of a “CUDA Vision Challenge,” but all entries must be received by April 30.

Automotive i.MX6 SoC to include Cortex-M4 MCU

April 14, 2014
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Freescale announced an automotive focused version of its Cortex-A9 based i.MX6 SoC that integrates a Cortex-M4 microcontroller and supports Android and Linux.

64-bit Snapdragon 810 sets high bar for mobile SoCs

April 7, 2014
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Qualcomm revealed 20nm, 64-bit Snapdragon SoCs featuring Cortex-A57 and –A53 CPU cores, 4K video encoding, LTE Advanced, DDR4 RAM, and more.