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Linux-friendly i.MX6 SBC is loaded with I/O, supports PoE

Apr 25, 2015

Gateworks’s latest Ventana SBC runs Linux, OpenWRT, and Android on an i.MX6 SoC, and offers A/V, serial, and mini-PCIe I/O, plus wide temperature operation.

Open-source IoT kit runs OpenWRT, mimics Arduino Yun

Apr 24, 2015

A “Domino.IO” Kickstarter project offers an Atheros AR9331 module running OpenWRT Linux, plus two tiny baseboards, one of which is Arduino Yun compatible.

World’s smallest i.MX6 module has onboard WiFi, eMMC

Apr 24, 2015

Variscite unveiled a 50 x 20mm “DART-MX6″ module that runs Linux or Android on the Freescale i.MX6, with up to 64GB eMMC flash and -40 to 85°C support.

Cortex-A9 Sitara EVM gains Android KitKat BSP

Apr 22, 2015

Adeneo has released an Android KitKat 4.4.4 BSP for the TI Sitara AM437x EVM kit in both a free binary version and a commercial version with source code.

Open source, IoT-ready Udoo hacker SBC starts at $49

Apr 22, 2015

The open source, IoT-focused Udoo Neo SBC has won Kickstarter funding. The Neo runs Android or Linux on an i.MX6 SoloX, and has WiFi, BT, and Arduino hooks.

Linux-friendly TI SoC takes on FPGAs in DAQ apps

Apr 21, 2015

TI’s Linux-ready 66AK2L06 SoC for high-speed data acquisition apps features dual Cortex-A15 cores, four DSPs, a digital front end, and a JESD204B interface.

Ubuntu 15.04 gets touchy and Snappy

Apr 21, 2015

Canonical’s Ubuntu 15.04 switches to the systemd init, and offers a commercial-ready Ubuntu Touch for Phones and the first stable build of its IoT-focused Snappy.

Android Wear adds WiFi support, always-on apps, emojis

Apr 20, 2015

Google released a major update to Android Wear that adds always-on apps, WiFi support, a wrist-flipping gesture for scrolling, and emoji drawing support.

Linux-friendly COM Express triplets embed Intel Bay Trail SoCs

Apr 20, 2015

[Updated Apr. 21] — Axiomtek launched a Bay Trail Celeron-based “CEM841″ COM Express Type 2 Basic module and tipped two similar Type 6 COMs with Celeron and Atom E3845 SoCs.

Egg-shaped Linux mini-PC targets emerging markets

Apr 17, 2015

An “Endless Computers” Kickstarter project is pitching a Celeron-based PC for emerging markets starting at $169, featuring a new “Endless OS” Linux distro.

Power-sipping IP camera SoC gains Linux dev kit

Apr 17, 2015

Ambarella has launched a Linux-ready reference design for battery-driven IP cameras using its S2Lm SoC, which supports fast wake-up and sub-500mW operation.

Rugged Pico-ITX SBC offers dual GbE, drives dual displays

Apr 16, 2015

Seco unveiled a Pico-ITX SBC with an Atom E3800 SoC and featuring SATA, dual display, and dual GbE ports, mini-PCIe, and industrial temperature operation.

Android-based eyewear woos runners and cyclists

Apr 16, 2015

Recon has shipped its Android-based “Jet” eyewear for $699. The sports-focused Jet integrates a WQVGA display, 720p camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, ANT+, and GPS.

Linux-ready DaVinci COM handles dual 1080p displays

Apr 16, 2015

iWave unveiled a Qseven COM with 1080p support that runs Linux on TI’s DSP-enabled DaVinci DM8168 SoC. iWave also updated an i.MX6 Qseven COM with 2GB RAM.

First Ubuntu phone launches in EU

Apr 15, 2015

BQ has begun volume sales of its Ubuntu-based Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition phone for 170 Euros. Meanwhile, takes a closer look at Ubuntu Touch.

SBC can handle Haswell or Broadwell Cores

Apr 15, 2015

Data Modul’s 3.5-inch MS-98F3 SBC can run any 4th or 5th Generation Intel Core ULT chip, and offers dual mini-PCIe, GbE, and SATA connections.

Raspberry Pi gains an E-paper display

Apr 14, 2015

A Kickstarter project is pitching a HAT add-on for the Raspberry Pi that provides a 2.7-inch E-paper display, as well as a battery backed real time clock.

Linux-based 3DR drone features GoPro camera tricks

Apr 13, 2015

3DR launched a Linux-based “Solo” quadcopter starting at $1,000 that can beam HD video to a mobile app and take follow-me and selfie videos with GoPro cams.

IoT-oriented Cortex-A5 based COM adds an MCU

Apr 12, 2015

OpenEmbed announced a “SOM5360″ module that runs Linux or Android on a Cortex-A5 Atmel SAM5D34 SoC. The COM also adds a Cortex-M3 MCU plus CAN and LCD I/O.

Tiny μQseven module aims Baytrail Atoms at IoT

Apr 9, 2015

Seco is prepping a tiny, Linux-friendly, μQseven module for IoT with a single- or dual-core Intel Atom E3800 or Celeron SoC, and three PCIe lanes.